Thursday, March 4, 2010


lol, i've only just remembered that i even had a blog when my friend mentioned hers. i'd say that i'll try blogging more, but then i'll probably just forget and look bad XD.
school was pretty bad this week, we've had sooo many tests and quizzes this week and now i have a 88 in latin and it's probably impossible to bring it back up. and then on top of all that, the guy i've liked for almost three years now is really starting to look as if he's going out with this girl. i can't even seem to manage a brief conversation with him anymore, she hangs around him so much, and the rest of the time, he's surrounded by his friends. guess i should just give up. i mean, turns out he got accepted into wheeler magnet, but is probably going to pope high because they're better at lacrosse. if he went to wheeler, then i (dumb fool that i am) would probably follow him there, just cause that certain girl is also designated for walton high like me. but since he isn't, then maybe i'll go to walton too, i mean, i really do want to, it's just that my mom might make me go to wheeler just cause it's a magnet school...yeah...
well, done rating for today, let's move on to a happier subject^^
i would said this earlier, but since this is as early as i can manage, yay for apolo eight!!!! i really hope he's back for the winter olympics four years later in russia. but i really don't think it was far how apolo and celski were disqualified, but sadly, i'm done ranting for now so, ja na^^ byebye

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