Monday, March 15, 2010

Campbell IB Program

I just recently like seven minutes ago got back from the Campbell IB Program high school orientation thingy =D

Apparently, yes, the school itself is a disaster, weird ceiling paintings, white lockers, low ceilings, dim lights, dirty-ish bathrooms, etc.. BUT, the new building that they erected is pretty decent, the walls and stuff are the same, but the lockers are blue there. Also, it's the math and economics building, so I feel pretty good there.

Of course, the main thing I noticed wasn't only those weird little details and random stuff that only I noticed. No, of course I also noticed THE PEOPLE.Especially these two cute guys there X3. Haha, sorry, just had to say that... Anyways, there was this one guy, I was following him in around the fourth(and last)group I joined(long story short, we got lost...). He was really cute and was definitely going so that may or may not influence my decision just a little... Yeah. He looked kinda like that TV person in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, I think it was the lifeguard guy, Lance? Yeah, that one. Apparently he likes football(no I do not stalk least not yet...we'll see once I decide if I'm going to Campbell after all.) and that's all I overheard him saying under his breath.

Then... there was this other guy, he just looked really cute... I was with him in my first group, art, but sadly then I "got lost" and joined a couple other groups >.<"

o.o oh yeah... can't believe I forgot to count this one... actually, I might know why... Anyways. There was this Junior (guess he's Senior next year -.-), and he was like, hot. From where I was seated, he looked just like Logan Lerman. Yes, that Logan Lerman, the one playing as Percy Jackson. Obviously, he's a little too high up in the grades for me to reach, but, always nice to be able to look up to and mmon over someone unreachable XD. Ahhh... also almost forgot to mention this--he has a girfriend(at least I think)!!! I'll just leave leave them to their supposed happiness X3.

err, I'm kinda out of time now, but I was so engrossed in mentioning all the good stuff, I completely forgot to mention the bad things I thought about the people. But just know this, the people weren't like actually bad or anything(or at least not the IB students that I met), it's more of a racial prejudice inherited from spending too much time in my mom's company >.<" sorry you peoples out there.


So far, it would seem that I really do like Campbell, and I am thinking of going, for personal reasons as well as the obvious-to get a better education and enter a good college, and... for those three guys that I met X3. I hope the two almost Freshmens will actually go!!!

BUT. I guess nothing is really certain until I go to the other high schools orientations and see for myself what I really want to do with my life -.-".

Ugh, with the forms due this Friday, I'm really losing some seriously needed sleep over this "little" issue of mine...

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