Friday, July 15, 2011

AP Human Geography Exam

This past May I took the AP Human Geography Exam. My teacher quit in the first few weeks of class and so we had a sub for the rest of the year. Our sub was great as a person but not at all qualified-in my opinion at least-to teach an AP class. So basically I had to self-learn the entire subject. The two books I used to study were REA and Barrons. With these two and nothing else, in one semester I took the AP Exam and got a 5 on it. Hope these books can help someone else, similar dilemma or not!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Only 7 days until my SCA starts, 2 days until I leave for NY, and 1 day until both my mom and brother's birthdays. Wow. I haven't been this busy during the summer since last year. Haha, this year's definitely a different kind of busy though, I need to pack for SCA but I won't now how until I start packing for NY and vice versa. I need to "train" for SCA and hike around and stuff. I need to get my mom and brother gifts but really have no way to buy them secretly and I'm far too busy to just make them. I need to make up for not being able to practice violin in China and keep practicing my Chinese instruments. I need to shape up for ballet but am unable to force myself into semi-severe pain. And that's not the half of it either, there so much I need to do right now but can't bring myself to actually do. Turns out a lot of things in my life are just part of a huge countdown. The days until I start school, take the PSAT, take the SAT, etc.. Looks like my fingers won't be enough to count on though, would anyone like to lend me theirs?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Almost done watching the amazing Coffee Prince. Haven't even had time to check out the newest episodes of Heartstrings because I'm so preoccupied with Coffee Prince. Haha, I'll miss the series so much when I finish but I can't make myself slow down. On another note, I'll be leaving a Friday for NY so I shouldn't slow down that much.. But I've also had to divide my time into getting ready for SCA. So now I have most of my stuff packed and I spent half an hour in the 97 degree weather today walking around my backyard with an almost 50 pound backpack on my shoulders. Not to mention the fact that its a bit too long for me and doesn't tie properly around my waist. Ah, hopefully it'll all end well. My Coffee Prince finished loading so I'm leaving now to go watch some more~

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Live Green

Stockholm is officially the greenest city in the world. The fish caught even in the very center of the central business district is good for consumption. That is a seriously clean city if even the CBD isn't polluted like the major cities of the US and every other country. Wealthy and poor countries alike should endeavor to learn from Stockholm's innovations in the areas of pollution control and energy reduction. Through smart technologies and lifestyle choices we can all work together to stop global warming and other related environmental disasters that could ensue from the current rate of pollution. As more and more pollution will be released from newly wealthy countries such as China, India, and Brazil, the world needs to hasten its efforts in turning green before a global disaster does occur.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Omm nom nom

So..just spending a few lazy summer days watching the relatively old drama Coffee Prince and the super-new on Heartstrings. Haha, enraptured by both but as I'm leaving for NY this Friday, I should start scrambling to get all of my camping gear and stuff together. Oh well, the dramas are so addicting that I just can't bring myself to do anything else. Remembering to practice my violin at night is hard enough, but after not practicing during the five months that I was vacationing in China I really need to get my level back up. Ah..Coffee Prince finished buffering, signing off then!~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in the Golden Country

Compared to China, the US just feels so spacey and unproductive. It's summer vacation and I'm just sitting here at my house doing absolutely nothing. In China I used to be able to accomplish three or four interesting things per day. Ah well, I'll just attribute my laziness to jet lag and hope that I can start having fun here in a couple of days. After all, I'll be leaving for New York in less than a week so there has to be some fun left to be had. Gonna go sleep and try to get the time difference out of me.