Sunday, January 15, 2012

Almost There..

Hmmph. And for a while it seemed like I had this whole blogging thing down. Guess old habits aren't dying anytime soon for me. In the two+ years that I've sporadically blogged, my blogging record has been rather, well, sporadic. That is, I have periods where it seems like I've managed to establish a new habit where I blog at least once a week, but then suddenly life overwhelms me and I get dragged to the farthest reaches of the Internet. What do you know, put this way, it even sounds more dramatic and much more like I actually have an excuse for scarcely posting in December and for the fact that my first post in the year 2012 is on the 15th of January. Normally, unforgivable. But with all of this being dragged forcibly away from my blog by the Internet? I'm even starting to forgive myself. Jk. That's all just a bunch of nonsense that came out of watching wayy too many dramas over winter break. Except, I didn't even watch that many. Well, really what I mean is that I've gone over my self-imposed limit of one drama per break. Seeing as I finished Goong and Coffee Prince (sadly, I neglected the last three episode for almost a full year) as well as the entire series of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and watched the movie 200 Pounds Beauty before starting Brilliant Legacy, it may be just a bit of an understatement to say that I have no self control. But they were good dramas, and while I feel rather exasperated with myself for so easily succumbing to the temptation of dramas, they made for a worthwhile winter break that made me laugh. My New Year's resolution: stop it with the cookie fountain, have a more cheery attitude towards everyone, and finish Brilliant Legacy before starting anything else. Cheers everyone!