Thursday, March 4, 2010


YES! i know it's kinda late at night, but i was just talking with a friend, reading some blogs, listening to awesome chinese music =D, and like, thinking back to the past^^
but now i've come up with a conclusion that i am deetermined to follow at least whenever i remember no matter how depressed or tired i may be feeling-FROM NOW ON NO MATTER WHAT I MAY BE FEELING I SHALL ALWAYS PUT ON A HAPPY FACE AND BEE HAPPY FOR MY FRIENDS NO LONGER WILL I ALLOW MY FRIENDS TO BE DEPRIVED OF THEIR TIME AND JOY BECAUSE OF ME FROM NOW ON I WILL ONLY ADD TO IT ALL.
okay, there^^ feel so much better already, and i really like this song XD
okay, maybe it is a little sad, but for some reason sad songs always help me relax and feel happier
well, i have school tomorrow so night ~.~

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