Thursday, March 11, 2010

And So Only Hope Remained...Tiny Wings Aflutter...

YESYESYES!!!!!yesyesyesyesyes XDDDDD. I could keep on exclaiming forever and ever, on and on. But my time here is short and so I will explain everything i can.

For once in my life I finally took a risk that came out with good outcomes. =D i saw that my crushes friend was on, but I didn't know this person very well, and so started (or at least tried to) try some small talk. But it became quickly obvious that it wasn't working. I almost gave up but then just rushed it. Asking him if my Nazi (yes, i call him my German Nazi, long story short, my friend started it cause he blond hair blue eyes but yeah...) was going out with anyone. No. Trying more awkward small talk. Didn't work that time either. Finally blurted out if he knew of anyone that the Nazi liked. NO. YESYESYESYES!!!!!! I'm filled to the point of bursting with joy and happiness, for the first time since summer of last year I feel like I'll actually have a chance with him. =D

And of course since I'm so delightedly happy right now I won't even think of the fact that he is probably going to a different high school that than me. Seeing as the chances are extremely low of him deciding to go to Wheeler Magnet and then me convincing my mom to let me go, too. But since I'm just so very happy right now, I won't think about all of this just yet. I mean, I still have about two months to figure out how to either get him to ask me out or ask him to the school dance in May. My chances? Not very high admittedly. But like I said, I'm really happy right now, so I'll just put off those thoughts of despair for later.

sosososo happppyyyyyyy^^

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