Sunday, March 7, 2010

Like A River Flowing. Ever Changing. Why?

on friday one of my very good friends went to school here in the US for very possibly the last time. today,, another of my friends held a farewell party for her before she left for japan. i cryed and begged my mom but of course it did no good, seeing as the party would have clashed with my violin lesson. though i'm sure my mom means well, sometimes i really have to question her decisions alotalot...on friday, i missed my ride to ballet because i was busy coping that friend's email down onto my hand, of course, as fate would have it, that was all for nothing. i would love to email her right now, but considering my luck, it's only natural that it rubbed off during ballet before i could copy it down onto something sturdier like paper. this wasted effort combined with the sadness of missing my friend's goodbye party is really stabbing a knife deep into my heart. already i'm missing her, even though it's only been two...not not even two...days. yes, i am listening to another chinese song, why, you ask? i don't really now, but apparently it helps me gather my thoughts and calm down. lol...

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