Sunday, May 30, 2010


YAYYYY!!!!!! I finally finally feel like I can enjoy by summer now ^-^. The thoughtts of school are still there but they no longer haunt me. I've been partying (Nathaniel's party yesterday and then Katherine's party on the 12 of June ;D) and burying those thoughts. Now is the time for the commencement of rest of my life!

Which also means I'm starting to think more seriously about my future and get going through the stacks of work that I should have learned, but will now have to waste summer learning cause I didn't. But hey, work is good. Work means I can't think about other stuff...such as Sammy...and school...Ugh. And of course that just set my mind back on that. I'll go read some more manga to try keeping my mind off those little subjects there and maybe start planning Azn Fest V (or is it X?).

(For your health, only the fist and foremost paragraph is intended to be read. For those not strangers to rants, then know that the second paragraph is only to be read AT THE READER'S OWN RISK. Thank you very much for your business, come again.) ~The above warning is meant to be written in a slightly formal fashion as I have taken over my dear Yuanhan's advice in which he states that formal writing has often helped him fill, though often also ineffectively, the hole in his heart. As this is the method he has been relying on in recent times, I have chosen to do so also both for his above stated reason and as a show a support to him though also as a request that this unique technique will work. Au revior~

Cheers ;)

as if I can say that happily now...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seven Days

Title: Seven Days
Author: Tachibana Benio

Summary: Bright and early one Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru asks Seryou Touji out on a lark when they run into each other at the school gate. Seryou, who's immensely popular, has the odd habit of going out with anyone who asks him out first at the beginning of the week, then promptly dumping them at the end of it. "Anyone" apparently includes male upperclassmen like Shino, and as a boyfriend, Seryou is perfect--unfailingly thoughtful and kind. Shino, obviously, has no intention of being in a serious relationship with Seryou. It's not like it's actually love or anything like that. ...Right?

Favorite Character: Unfortunately I seriously COULD NOT decide which boy I liked better in this manga. So, I'll do a little description of both the boys.
First we'll see Shino Yuzuru-
Shino has the good looks and personality to match with, or so most girls in his school thinks. Heck, he is one of the stars in the school’s archery team. However, once the girls began dating Shino, they break off soon enough. After they actually witness Shino’s true self they realize that he’s sloppy and unrefined…in short he’s not the prince that those girls dream of. Girls can be superficial, eh?
Seryou Touji-
Seryou on the other hand, is a different story all together. You see, it is well-known around the school that he is willing to date anyone for a week as long as she (or he) confesses to him on a Monday. Once the seven days are up, he will decide whether to continue dating that person or not depending on whether he feels something towards the other person.

Now, this isn't the type of manga that I usually read, but I found the cover and title very interesting, and once I started reading, well, I just could not stop. I can almost guarantee that anyone who tries this manga will not be disappointed. I had read this manga expecting it to be decent at best, but this was way beyond was AMAZING!! It has been out for quite a while now, but I really don't understand why it's not famous. However, I strongly encourage those of you out there to help make it more famous, spread the news through all your friends. This book is really just one of the best, there's no other way to put it. Read it and maybe you'll see it my way. =)


What exactly is there to say? A few days ago I found my second grade prince on Facebook, I was sososo happy. Then I sent him a message and told him hi and stuff and that he looked cute. I was seriously in the seventh heaven of paradise when he replied and we had a nice little chat/conversation going. But then we got on the subject of his old friends and stuff and well, I'm sorry to say, but this is the truth, I really just wanted to keep him to myself and keep him from contacting any of his old buddies, I was afraid that he'd then stop contact with me. However, though I answered his questions in the most roundabout ways possible without lying, eventually he friended three of the oldies that I'm also friends with and now he hasn't responded to my latest message and I'm feeling so jealous and no doubt he's also sent friend requests and stuff to the other peoples and UGH>>>. I oh so wanna talk to him but really? He stopped replying, so I don't want to annoy him or anything but I can't stand this anymore. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH...NOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYY NOOOOOOOO UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay fail, that's a lot of spam type stuff up there, but I just had to have one post at least where I could let out my feelings like that. But seriously, why why why, do I always have the failest of failing bad fail luck? Ugh. I'd just managed to friend him and talk to him for a coupla short little days and now nnnnnooooooooo. Okay, no more spam from me anymore. But I ish sooo jealous and just when I thought life was going back to a flowery sunny little summer filled with breezy goodness and pools, this giant typhoon blows in and ruptures my pool and the rain drowns and kills my flowers while all the fresh sunshine that is just beginning appear is quickly cut off by the dark looming clouds and I can't take it anymore, these metaphors aren't going anywhere anyways, but how else am I to express anything without letting out bloodcurdling screeches of extreme jealous and burying my very being inside a dark dark smothering volcano of envy, hatred, whatever. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore, it just feels like my fingers are frantically typing now but for lack of actual words to say. So before I get any further in another series of terrible metaphors of despair or whatevernot, I'll just sign off for now and come back when I feel more like talking about whatever the subject was originally about. But for now I'll just leave saying this: IloveyouKansasandIwassohappywhenIfoundyouagainandyouwereohsocuteandyouwerenicetooandIwasjustohsohappythatwecouldactuallytalkandstuffbutnowI'mliterallydieingfromjealousyandcauseIdon'twanttoshareyouwithanyonebutwhatamIsupposedtodo?Youwon'tevenmessagemeanymoreandI'mlonelyandgettingdepressedandIneedtostoptypingnowcausethisisgettingwaytolongbutIreallydon'twanttostopcauseIhaven'tfinishedrantingonaboutyouyetbutsinceIhavetoI'lljustfinishwithsayingthatonceagainILOVEYOUisaboutthemostcoherentthingIcansumupofmyfeelingsrightnow. <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is It True?

My mind seems unable to accept the fact that I will most likely never see most of my friends again, especially Sammy. It seems that only once it's 6:50 on Monday morning and I'm still sleeping in bed will I actually accept this fact. My life feels so empty right now, I can't stop thinking about that hug. Though only a few seconds at most, it occupies too much of my thoughts. I miss everyone oh so dearly already but the image of him in his brilliant turquoise shirt continues to drive all else out of my mind. I just feel so...lost now. I can't think of what the future can hold right now, all I can do is cling to my memories, but then the image always melts away into that embrace... I can't think, I can't do anything. All I can do is despair. Somehow, I will meet him again, I don't care if he doesn't like me in that special way, I'm gonna at least accomplish the status of "friends". But that keeps going back to that...both hot and cold at once, I wanna feel that again, I wanna feel the smooth curve of his chin, the soft brush of his cheek, the gentle fabric of his shirt, the soothing warmth from his body, which felt indescribable in terms of words. The feel of his arms, that wonderful sheepish grin on his silly face. Ugh. That gleaming crown of golden hair. I'm absolutely starstruck. I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I had done something different, been more bold, or tried harder at school, I would have been rewarded. But alas, of course maybe it just wasn't meant to be. I won't give up just yet, but even lost in memories, I just can't help but wonder...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Washed Away

Got back from Kelley's party and went to take a shower. I feel slightly better now that the soothing warm water has washed away the last (hopefully) of my tears. Imma go watch my end of year slide show now. Maybe that and a nice sad story with loud music will be able to drown out my sorrow...Wish me luck.

Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, We Are Free At Last!

Yeah, today was the last day of school. Officially, our reign as the top of the chain of middle schoolers has come to an end. Now we have to start over again from the bottom of the high schoolers. Today was a pretty nice, normal day. Me, Jessie, Yvette,, and Sophie were all really hyped up from our sleepover last night (WHOLE other story, it was really fun though), and started the day off eating raman and having lots of fun. I bagged two cookies and brought them with me to school. I also brought a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie that we had made last night for our math teacher, who LOVES sugar and all things Mickey Mouse. So I walked in the door with Sophie and when the teacher saw the cookies, she was like, "chocolate chip cookies! are those for me?" (and remember, this is a person who teaches a very monotone and robotical class, so I was really shocked). So then I gave it to her and told her it was a chocolate chip Mickey Mouse shaped cookie and she just SPAZZED. That was the beginning of the day.

The rest of the day flew by pretty quickly. With only the moments where I gave Alex his cookies (X3) and then later his photos (later I also gave Yvette, David, and Brian theirs) standing out in my mind. But disaster struck when we went to watch the customary slideshow. I realized, "THAT I HAD NOT SIGNED IN SAMMY'S YEARBOOK THIS YEAR. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *about to shoot myself* UGH". Me and Kelley laughed through the slideshow, but when we got up for dismissal, we found out the Yvette was the first to start blubbering, causing the others around her to also break out into tears. I didn't...

Anyways, I fought my way through the crowd and presented a new box of "Five" gum to Matt R. He was all like "o.o really?? for me?". And so I nodded my head and asked him for a hug in return. He paused in leaping over a chair, hugged me, and we said our goodbyes. Next I went to deliver Yvette and Brian's photos, where I found that Yvette was completely red-faced with tears streaming down. Then I noticed a small circle of girls scattered and crying, tears dripping onto the floor. But I didn't have time to worry over that yet, I had just spotted Sammy's brilliant blond head bobbing up and down in the sea of peers. Muttering hurried goodbyes, and distributing hugs, I quickly made my way up to him. He was talking to another guy so I waited, and thought, and then I went up to him after the guy walked away and asked him for a hug. A sheepish expression crept onto his face and the smile that I like so much came with it, the same smiled he had worn the night of the dance, when I confessed. So he said, "sure", opened his arms and I walked in. My head came up just to his chin in that warm embrace, I tilted my head slightly, so I felt the warmth of his wonderful chin resting on my forehead. He hugged me for a pretty long time, at least longer than some other people that I'm actually good friends with, but that might have just been my imagination, in which case, I now know how it feels to have time stop because of love. I hugged him tightly, burying my face against the folds of his brilliant turquoise shirt, wishing the moment would never end. Every detail, every sound, I noticed. But all good things have an end, so of course this did, too. His arms at last loosened, and though I really really wanted to just hug him all the tighter, I knew that it was time to let go, and with it, my past. But I can still remember, how in that moment, as he hugged my, his cheek brushed against mine, ahhh, the wonders that the very thought brings. And that little notion that movie makers have that surroundings just blur into nothingness when with the one you like? Well, it's true, completely true. In that moment, I seriously did not care who saw me. I seriously could not tell what was happening around us, who was who, or even 2x2.

But then the magic disappeared, the back of turquoise shirt disappearing into the crowd again as I walked away. Alot of hugs later, I found out that even though I really wanted to cry, I just could not. Only after I got home did I actually started crying (we had a half day of school today, ended at 12:30). My friends alternated between trying to make me feel better and making fun of me on the bus (about going to Campbell). Anyways, to sum it up, I'm really happy about Sammy hugging me, but I'm also equally sad that he's going to Wheeler after all and I'm going to Campbell. Also, leaving my friends is going to be really harsh and tough, but I have to go to Kelley's party now, so I'll try to be happy for another night and make some more fun memories. Byebye for now, going to go get ready for Kelley's party. PARTY!~~

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Dance! was our eighth grade dance. And, IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Everyone there was "formal' though the posters all said "dressy/casual" and Yuanhan and a group of friends dressed up as the mafia, he as their leader and they as bodyguards. Ahh, they all looked so cute in black suits and then randomly colored ties^^. And then I convinced him to go get pictures with Mary in the photo booth and then I got him to give her a rose. Kya~~~

Alot of friends started giving flowers and acting all storybook-like and I'm proud to say I conquered a little hill of mine too at the dance today. After 17 minutes of careful thought and a great bucket load of courage later, I finally walked up to Sammy in the last minute of the dance and...confessed. But of course something always goes wrong with everything I do. The music was really really loud (another reason for not walking up earlier was because I seriously didn't like some of the music, yes I'm a romantic freak) and so he actually didn't hear me the first time. Like, he looked like he knew what I was talking about but didn't really hear the words and just wanted to make sure or something. And so I had to say a condensed form a second time. But then...I just waited a second and LEFT. I talked to some friends and they were so shocked that I just LEFT after my confession. But was I not supposed to? Was I supposed to stay?? I'm so confused. I also don't really know his reaction. It was dark in there and there was a lot of background stuff and confusion, but I could swear that he almost looked amused. But not amused like he was laughing at me. Rather, he just had on a half-smile and a very peculiar expression that I can't describe at all. But I'm really proud of myself for finally telling him, now i can rest in peace. However, now there's a really serious question that my friends have asked, HOW AM I GOING TO FACE HIM ON MONDAY??? I mean, I kinda just left him after telling him and then ran away. After a weekend, it'll probably be even more awkward. And, since I left, will he ever give me a response? Even if he rejects he I still want to hear it from his mouth. A friend asked if I wanted her to find out for me on Monday, and I really want her to, but then wouldn't it be more awkward?!?! Ugh, I really really want to know and I'm so afraid that he'll just never tell me and shun me or something. I'm so paranoid and unreasonable, cause in the back of my head I've already known what the answer would be for three years already. But that's the only bad part of the dance, everything else was GREAT! No, scratch that, that little scene was definitely not a bad part of the dance, I'm really proud of myself for doing that, I would do it again if I ever got the chance to go back, and it in no way spoiled my evening.

Ahh, wish we could have stayed there forever~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finals Already

Only in eighth grade and finals already? Here's my punishment for taking all the ninth grade courses offered. Good thing some of the finals are able to be exempted, or else I would seriously die. but other than finals these two weeks we also have End Of Course Tests, projects, essay, power-points, and more tests to get ready for the finals. Among all this, our teachers have mixed in yet more homework. No wonder I have no more time to blog lately.

But on a happier note, the eighth grade dance is this Friday and I'm actually looking forward to it, though I'm just going alone. But now I've gotta go do all that studying for those finals I mentioned, bye for now. ~~

Monday, May 10, 2010


I got back from Disney yesterday night at 11:10. It was an eight hour drive there on Thursday night at 10:30 and then another eight hour drive back yesterday. By the way, YESTERDAY I TURNED FOURTEEN!!! =D

Anyways, Disney was wonderful!The first thing we did there at 8 in the morning on Friday was our orchestra workshop, the whole reason we were there in the first place. It was reallyy tiresome, but worth all the fun we had later. Btw, our director's son had the same birthday as me.

Right after our clinic was over, we went straight into seven hours of fun in Epcot. At first, our group was huge. Me, Yvette, Alex, Brian, Steven, Matt An, Chirsty, Mary, David, and Joon were all one group. But Brian, Alex, Matt, and David all wanted to get to Test Track as quickly as possible. Hopefully before the people on the boat got there (since when was this all a race?). So we all took off running in that direction, however, Steven and I were taking pictures along the way and got separated from the runners. Chirsty and Mary were even farther behind us and then went to the bathroom without telling us. What I didn't know was the Matt was also racing in front of everyone else, and that Yvette and David were close behind but couldn't see him. This left Brian, David, Joon, and Alex running in the middle. Somehow, our giant group had separated into a couple of smaller groups that didn't meet the standards (one group consists of four people, Mrs Culley's rules).

Later, Chirsty and Mary caught up with me and Steven and I led them off towards the general goal, Test Track. But Mary and Chirsty didn't want to run so somehow we lost them again, even as I called Yvette and then Brian and all met up again under Test Track. Then we all went and got fast passes and then waited in line. Of course, me and Yvette not being extreme roller coaster people, we started hyperventilating and getting all queasy, especially after seeing the video in the briefing room. Seriously, the video was SCARY. Of course Yvette and I at together, clutched each others hands and began to scream when we sat down. I mean seriously, we had a group of eight, but one car only seats six, so if your group kicked you out and you were on a car of strangers wouldn't you be scared stiff? Maybe not, but let me remind you, we're really not roller coaster people. We were all still on the same entire coaster at the same time, but we weren't on the same car as anyone we knew and that was scary, only seeing the back of their heads for comfort. But then (because it's two rows of three seats) me and Yvette also sat next to this eight year old Spanish boy and he wasn't scared at all. He spoke with a really funny accent and I got Yvette to try and converse with him in Spanish since he really wanted to talk to someone in Spanish (Yvette takes Spanish I take French). He really eased my fear, I mean I can't really be scared when there's this eight year old just sitting next to me laughing right? But Yvette still screamed and while I didn't scream I did have to clutch her hand tightly while on the scary parts.

I don't really remember what happened after this, the day was just too strange. I only know that somehow our group separated again into fours when Brain, Alex, Joon , and Steven left us in front of an ice cream shop when they went to find something to eat. So me, Yvette, Matt, and David walked around and enjoyed the sights, ate lunch in Japan (I had Shrimp Tempura Udon, it was decently good)with Chirsty and Mary until they left us in search of ice cream, then walked through Morocco, the US, and a jumble of other countries and arrived at Norway. Here we got some huge ice cream cones (well, they did, I got a lemon slushie) and dripped ice cream everywhere. We got in line for Maelstorm, called our chaperons to tell them we couldn't meet with them, that we were in line, and then everything went wrong. Yvette and Matt were washing hands with water from a water bottle as I stood in line and David searched for a bathroom he never found. David and Yvette came back to line but Matt was waiting for David who actually was already back. So then me, Yvette, and David went on the ride. But Yvette called Brian to tell him to look out for Matt if he saw him, Brian told his chaperon and me and Yvette were claimed guilty of the whole incident later. The ride turned out to terrible and we stumbled out to find Matt sitting there. Oh well.

Our fast passes were valid by this time, so I called Brian and met up with their group again under Test Track. We went on it again, but it just wasn't scary any more, nor was it any good inn the experienced eyes of the boys, who deemed the wait time too long to go again. So I suggested we try Soarin' which Mrs. Culley had actually recommended to another group, and off we went again. Then after an eighty minute wait we finally got in and it was pretty good, just not enough for such a long wait. Later a lot of other random things happened and somehow me and Yvette left the group and Mrs. Mullis caught us wandering around and then Mrs. Culley sentenced us to an early curfew of 9:05 which left us with no time to eat after we got back to the hotel. Somewhere later in this story we called David and he agreed to buy and deliver food for us but he never made it even after we left a list of items and money outside our door (he gave the money back later). And this was all just day ONE. Gosh that was a lot.

Day Two. We got up at 6:45 and made it to Animal Kingdom at 7:30 ish. Immediately our group raced towards Mount Everest and got fast passes then rode it since the line was short. In total, counting the times we waited, used fast passes, and went single rider, we rode Mount Everest eight entire times. I'll just say it now that I'm really proud that I never even screamed once the entire trip. However, I do feel really bad for Alex since I made him sit with so many times and I grabbed his arm. I hope he doesn't hate me. I mean, I don't think he does but he did seem a little annoyed at the end and sat with Joon, but I'm sorry.

At Animal Kingdom we also rode the river rapids thing once and then we left for Magic Kingdom at 2:00. Sophie's really mad at me now since apparently she had my birthday gift with her but we never got a chance to meet up with her and Georgia's Mathcounts groups. So she was going to give it to me today at school but then I skipped (>.<""). Anyways, at Magi Kingdom we ended up running across the park multiple times between Space Mountain and Splash Mountain (why in the world were they on opposite sides of the park??) and even though it was extremely tiring it was also really fun so that more than evens it. At 8 that night we left early and went back to the hotel to eat and relax. And I guess that concludes day two. Wow that was so short in comparison to day one. I guess I'm just getting too tired to type.

But then lastly there's Day Three. May 9, 2010. That's my birthday.. Now I'm fourteen and really quite proud I conquered a lot of my fears that day. Our little group went on Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios two times and then on the Rocking Roller Coaster five times. Luckily these two rides were literally right next to each other. On the Rocking Roller Coaster I conquered my fears of: heights, the dark, roller coasters in general, extreme high speeds, and being upside down. Quite nice to know I've grown a little. Unfortunately, I never did find a cake that day in Disney, but my friend's birthday wishes made up for that. Ahh fun. My summaries just got shorter and shorter.

Wish we were still there, but nothing lasts forever, can't even believe that I skipped school today (ugh, so many finals that I had to escape from) but I definitely have to go back tomorrow and make up all those tests as well as the ones scheduled for tomorrow. Ugh. I have to go study for those now I guess. Wish me luck! <3

BTW, I need to remind myself to remember what happened on the Tower of Terror. That first ride where I was sitting between Alex and Brian and that thing happened. Probably just me overreacting or something and imagining things, but I really think it happened but I don't know how to ask anyone about what they think of it cause it would definitely be too awkward. But I really need to think this over and see what I think really happened and if it happened the way I think it did or because he just felt bad for me being so scared or something. Cause here's what happened. Mr almost hugged me on the ride. Like, I was hyperventilating and extremely scared and I was like "Ahh, I'm really really scared. Alex, give me your hand?", and then Brian leaned over and looked like he was about to hug me, I mean, his arms were opening and he said "it's okay Sharon, I've got you". But then just as he did that I leaned over Alex and grabbed his hand and so Brian returned to his previous position with a little kinda disappointed sounding "ohh". Anndd, now I think Alex might possibly dislike me now for forcing him to ride on so many roller coasters with me and then grabbing his hand the whole time. Even though he did look pretty happy at the first ride, by the end of the third day he said something like 'what? but I've already gone on like fifty rides with you, I'm gonna go with Joon on this one.", so what am I supposed to think? My friend Kelley said he probably liked it and wouldn't think of disliking me for it or anything, but now I'M CONFUSED. What am I supposed to think of all this? Just someone tell me nothing happened how I think it did though there's so much I proof that everything happened exactly as I saw I mean, I'd be kinda happy if it did since I've liked Brian and Alex in sixth grade, but then everything would be so complicated. I mean, Brian likes Yvette (or so says Yuanhan) and Yvette likes Brian (or so says Yuanhan, but they did both sit together on the rides, Yvette ditched me for him and that's the only reason why I was sitting with Alex to begin with) but they both won't admit it (apparently, this is, again, from Yuanhan, so it wouldn't make any sense for Brian to hug me or anything unless he felt sorry for me or it was an act of chivalry or something. And then Alex, I'd love it if he did like sitting with me, but if that was true at all then it was completely dispelled by day two, I was probably way too clingy and forceful. but I was scared, so there's my excuse. And I would hate for Alex to hate me cause he's a really god friend so if this trip changed our friendship then I'll be really sad. But somehow this little "edit" part of my post has grown really long so I'm gonna leave and go try and figure out the situation again. I'm a failure, but I seriously believe what I saw and really really need a reasonable explanation for all of this. Ugh. I need serious help. -.-"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh So Tired...

just got back from our ballet recital, err, spring concert (jeesh teachers, why change the name all of a sudden?). sososo tired now, can't even think right i'm so tired. today was just too stressful, the stakes to high to even think about falling. ugh. my day started with rehearsal from 9:45 to 12:56. Then i had about two hours to get SOME homework done a least and then i had to go have my piano lesson and then eat my lunch at almost 4. after all this, at 5:15 i had a "warm-up class" which was more like a death class, everyone was panting and gasping and all red in the face by the end of it all. right after this of course we had the actual recital itself which required another flurry of perfect hair, hairspray clouds, hurried makeup, quick changes, my point shoe ribbon completely just popping off, the main curtain falling instead of lifting, butterflies in the stomach, needle stabbed in the ankle, and whatever else happened in the mass air of nerves we all sat bundled in. ahh, it just doesn't get any easier no matter how many times you do it. in fact, i think it gets harder, each time has to be better as we advance through the levels soon, when/if i get to the apprentice one/student ensemble then i'll have my very own little solo, which would be just horrifying to mess up in. happy to report though that my relation with my fellow students has shifted slightly in a good very good way. i've started talking more and now matt, ahem, i'm sorry, *matthew (elizabeth appeared to have a problem with me calling him matt instead of matthew even when he says he doesn't mind...children these days), has actually started kinda sorta including me in his conversations and questions now. all in all, today was a wonderfull ball of hysteria with just the right touch of everything. so many wonderful things happened, i saw soo many wonderful dances and solos, austin talked to me again (only after i said after i had been kicked out of my dressing room only to find him sitting outside, there's a huge story about this that doesn't really relate to anything but would be wonderfully funny if i do remember this some years later), got this bouquet of beautiful brilliant blue flowers from sophie who complimented me by dressing semi-formally for a change (btw, as thanks for giving her some tickets, or maybe just as a whim, she never told me which, she's taking me to church tomorrow with her!!! =D). i'm so happy now^^. but i do need to go now, recital...SPRING CONCERT...isn't over yet this year, there's still the one last show tomorrow.

P.S-whoops, forgot to mention something about our really pretty dresses this year. it's a wonderful midnight blue and definitely the best dresses we've ever had. ahh, just so fun. >.< i still can't get over the excitement of a successful performance even after, what, six years now? but i really do need to go and sleep or i'll be dead on stage tomorrow, or even worse, could i possibly fall asleep in church tomorrow? ugh, scary thought...and on this note let us depart. wish me luck for tomorrow! =)