Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Halloween..

Today was definitely how I had intended to spend m Halloween. Sure, it was a nice enough day this morning, though it was freezing when i got up and I thought I would fall down from sleep deprivation. I had a nice nap on the bus ride though and we all got huge muffins from our amazing bus driver. I'll be so sad to see her go. She's planning on retiring during the winter holidays, but I really hope she'll change her mind! She's such a nice person.

But that's not anything like how the rest of my day went. I had just been reading this amazing fanfic of Harry Potter. To be truthful a friend had recommended it, it's the first one I've ever read, and it is utterly and unbelievably amazing. After reading less than half of it, I have already changed my opinions about some of the characters of the original series. Believe it or not, but the thought of reading this rewrite is so much more thrilling to me. It's perfect. In fact, here's the link to chapter one _Kingdom. It may seem confusing and a little slow through the first few chapters, but trust me, it is just the greatest thing I have read in a long while. Be careful though, it has a M rating, so things may get messy later in the series. Do check it out though. Just breathtaking.

But of course I am now once again off topic. Anyways, in the author's imagination, harry one day is poisoned with a potion, i can't spell it at the moment, which causes everything that possibly can go wrong in his day to go wrong. And basically I've written all of this so far so that I can say that I feel like my day has been exactly the same today. Rawr. Awful. I was so grouchy and touchy throughout the day, I made so many snide comments, or at least thought them in my head. I felt really guilty afterwards too even if I hadn't actually said anything. The guilt obviously didn't stop me from wanting to go sneer at this red-eyed, sniffling girl during dance team today though. And I especially wanted to use some polite sassing to make the teacher aware that she was either going to work with me or I was never going back to attend another of her useless meetings again. But I swallowed my unusual anger in each instance and tried to hold my tongue. i still was rather mean to three people today though. One being Jay (again? ugh..I don't know if I feel sorry for him or not. I mean, everyone's mean to him so I try and be nice but just about everything he does, from his "simpering puppy look" to his "i told you so" face, make me want to show my distaste. God. I do feel sorry for him sometimes though. But only sometimes.), the other Austin (he deserved it, and everyone thought it was funny, so it was alright, right? No..), and then my mom (who obviously did nothing to deserve it; I apologized thoroughly though, so she's okay now). I could go on for pages describing every exact action today that was just plain horrendous, not to mention my 80 on the Econ test, but it's 12:24 AM already and I still have yet to study for my physics and American Government test. And I was hoping to be able to read some more of the "Prince of the Dark Kingdom" tonight. Oh well, what was I expecting anyways with all this bad luck today? Someone wish me luck for my honor Orchestra seating audition tomorrow afternoon. I only had time to practice the excerpt for half an hour earlier this evening after I finished my dance class and dinner and had taken my online biology classes module four test.

Halloween...maybe the evil spirits really are out tonight. But don't worry everyone, it's only me that they're haunting. And they've been ever so preoccupied with their task ever since the crack o'dawn today..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Spontaneous Combustion

So this is what the Hunger Games poster would look like if it were in Harry Potter's world.

Pretty awesome right? I'm loving everything about the Hunger Games right now ;) This poster is a little old though..just thought I'd share it in case anyone else is like me --> occasionally misses major events and finds out about them a month or two after they occur. Woo.

The Hunger Games Posters Released!!

Check out these posters ;). Some of them aren't exactly what I expected but kinda of like how Katniss is seen with a soft side in this poster while maintaining an appearance that she could turn fierce in an instant. Peeta doesn't look that amazing in the posters but..I never really expected much of him anyways. Sorry but his face looks so grim in this picture, it doesn't really fit with my imaginings of him. Gale is pretty alright right here. Much better than I expected really. For some reason, his intense looking eyes just remind me of this friend of mine.. I can actually say that I'm looking forward to seeing Liam as Gale, it's seeming like a better decision with each glimpse of the movie preparations. Pretty cool. And as for the other characters, I'm not so into Rue's look. I imagined that she would be a lot sweeter and slightly, well, more innocent? I'm not sure what I'm really going for here, since the picture already makes her seem really innocent. Nevermind, I can't really put my feelings into words. Anyways, I'm really excited about how Haymitch and Effie have turned out. Though they're not the same as how I imagined them, I do enjoy their portrayals of their characters. About Cinna though, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, he feels right for the role. On the other, not so much. And as for Cato, I don't really have much of an opinion, other than that his nose seems a little big and his hair does stand out quite a bit. Well, here are the posters. Enjoy!

So were they? Not quite what you expected? Just as you had pictured all the characters? I can't wait for March 23 to see if the movie's portrayal of the novel fits with my imaginings!

Friday, October 21, 2011


It really does feel like a dream today. After missing my middle school friends for ever so long, we (well most of us anyways) went to the park today for some Ultimate Frisbee. Needless to say, this didn't go on for the entire four hours, so we played some badminton and other random stuff afterwards, as well as talking about nothing in particular.

At about 6 everyone except for Brian, Daniel, and I left. This was perfectly fine with me ;). But what was not okay was how cold it was getting. I mean, how stupid was it of me to forget my nice, fluffy, warm jacket in the car? It had been cold in the hours previous but since the sun had still been out and we were running around, it was really that bad. But then while we were talking and stuff I kinda half froze.

But then Brian and Daniel decided that everyone else had left already, we should walk over to Fuller's Park for I'm not really too sure about his exact motives. So there we decided to toss around the frisbee a little more, and then stopped when I missed a throw. I was actually pretty surprised that I could catch at all considering my fingers were frozen STIFF and well, they still are now; so it's really hard and kinda irritating for me to type right now. Anyways, we ended up deciding that they would take me home first and then walk back buy some food. I assured them that while there was no available real food at my house, there was plenty of junk food that they would love. So we walked over from the park to my house, and on the way Brian kept offering to give me his sweater since he noticed that I was freezing. He told me that he had four layers on and so it as really fine and Daniel also supported that. But I kept refusing until we were practically two turns away from my house, when Brian stopped, took off his sweater, and gave it to me. It was so nice to wear his sweater jacket. It was so nice and warm and comfy and I was so so happy. Putting it on in front of them was awkward though, I'm so self-conscious about such weird things..

So outside of my house it was pretty awkward taking the jacket off and giving it back too. Then I pressured them into waiting while I grabbed some food for them. In the end I gave them a bag of Garden Salsa Sunchips and French Onion Sunchips, two Chocolate Biscottis, and two pouches of Strawberry Kiwi CapriSun. They tried to refuse it, but I made them take it, telling them that it was to compensate for having them walk me home and the fact that it was already dark and they would have to make their way back to the park and then through the forest on their way to the football game at their school. Before they left we bantered a bit about them getting lost on their way back to the park. At least I think we were joking. I really hope we were joking.

So in a nutshell this was my afternoon after school. All of my friends were at the park before me since they had web day. Lucky. But I feel really fortunate to have been able to meet up with my friends, to have even been invited to the event. That we were all able to talk like we used to just filled my heart. And then having Brian and Daniel walk me home and having Brian give me his sweater? That just about burst my heart. I was so happy today. It's been great. I hope we can rendezvous sometime soon, being with my friends just always makes about ten times as happy as any other day. There really are some bright and shining spots in this dreary darkness we call life. <3~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Rest in peace, you deserve it.

I can't even believe that this is happening. Today started out as such an ordinary day, and now.. I find out about the loss of such an amazing person.

Here's a link with information about his life and death Steve Jobs

Sunday, October 2, 2011


What exactly am I doing? I'm so fused as to what my purpose in life even is..

But on a side note, I'm really angry at my partner in my organization. She's a senior and I'm a sophomore and it's just the two of us running the whole thing so I understand hat we need a little help. What I don't understand however is why she doesn't get it when I tell her that no, I do not want to hire someone who is a JUNIOR. I mean, the junior would be doing her college applications a year before me, and my partner will be doing hers this year. That means that colleges will have already seen my organization's name on two applications before mine and so it'll fail to impress them as much. This doesn't affect my partner at all since she's the one applying this year, but I've worked so hard on this organization and I do not want all of my efforts to be wasted just because the idea has become too common. And why exactly won't she listen to me? We started this together, so it doesn't matter if she's two grades above me, she should listen to my opinion about hiring people too. And it's not like if we don't hire her friend we won't have other applicants. I've already gotten a few freshmen interested; it's just that I haven't had time to really go over the details with them yet. And I have my eye on some eighth graders who can join next year as well. I mean, I have nothing personally against this junior, but if her entrance is going to hurt my future, then we all know what comes first. Really.