Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Budding Coincidences

Wow. Just two three days after I FB chatted with one of my friends from middle school and joked about another accidental meeting this summer, I ran into him at the library! Hahah, Sophie was also there, and the two of them were studying for the SAT subject tests, though they did not meet by design.

Only on my second attempt to converse with them did Sophie and Brian start to really talk with me again; at one lull in the conversation Sophie even asked why I was leaving so soon, so of course I sat and threw some more short lived topics onto the table. In the end, I stayed there for nearly 45 minutes while my mom and brother waited by the door.

We tried to arrange a movie date three or four times, but it fell through each time as we weren't really sure what movies are currently playing and Sophie was rather difficult to sway. Well, that and it was mostly me bringing it up. The only other recurring topic was of the IB program and how the block scheduling works. Brian in particular was interested in this while Sophie , well, remained Sophie.

Overall, they're pretty much the same as they were two years ago, though perhaps our conversations were just a tad bit more awkward this afternoon. Here's to fate's collisions!

I really must write an extra long post tomorrow to wipe this entry from the front of my blog.


I don't think I particularly like coffee. The taste is nice but..it makes me so so sleepyyy. And it's only 11 in the morning. Never again.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Waltz of the Hours

So today, with a sprained ankle from almost four weeks ago, I participated in our ballet school's Spring Concert. Three sessions of it today. True, for the first two we were only opening the show for the cutesy little kids and so we only did one piece each, and we only had to take two warm-up classes total, so it wasn't that tiring.

But as always, what can go wrong will go wrong. When we did our modern piece (which apparently has a costume that my mom quite enjoyed, though I think it looked disastrous) from the very beginning luck was not on our side. For the sake of time, I will not even begin to divulge all the details. For our contemporary ballet piece, we exited the stage without waiting for a blackout (not that the audience would have noticed, or cared for that matter). The last piece, our performance of Waltz of the Hours from Coppelia, went smoothly and was rather enjoyable, except for the fact that one dance before ours, the shoulder strap of my costume completely popped off.

And then there was finale. It was at that time that I found out that Austin not only could not differentiate between me and Vanessa, but did not even know my name. He did however, know that one of us was Vanessa. How's that for someone I met before Vanessa did? And he's even called me by name in years past.. What, did he think I disappeared off a cliff or something? Boys.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Why am I so superstitious?? Well, let's start with..I'm not. At least, not most of the time. But next week I have three AP exams, and just in case since it's the end of the week now this looming threat will carry over, I must ensure that predetermination of my testing fate is avoided. Phew. Well, don't look at the pic below if you haven't already. Sorry to do this guys, but you understand right? I can't fail my APs..

If it makes any difference, i tried making the picture smaller!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sixteen and Legal

What am I feeling right now? Well, certainly not older. But maybe a bit nostalgic, a bit regretful, and even a bit hopeful as well?

Ohh AP Exams, why must you interrupt what should be the sweetest of birthdays in Western culture? I must also add that the Calc exam today was rather distressing. Especially those two pesky multiple choice choices that I ended up leaving blank cause our teacher didn't think it was necessary to give a five minute warning before we stopped. Goodness. That may have been the difference between a 4 and a 5 right there. Hypothetically of course. I'm not sure that I can be that optimistic about my scores, though I am feeling better after a certain Micah incident which Ben managed to resolve for me. Haha, I'm not allowed to discuss the exam specifically yet so here I am making vague statements in the hopes that it's better than nothing..

Well, the free response questions and answers should be released onto the college board website by the weekend, so excuse me while I go busy myself biting my nails in anticipation. Though in all honestly, maybe I should try putting all of this behind me until after I've finished my other three AP exams lest it negatively affect my later testing moods.

May you have good luck always on your AP exams and school finals!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday?

Oh wow. Tomorrow's the 9th of May. I'm turning 16. Shouldn't this be a happy date? But really, I feel awful about tomorrow, and for more reasons than one.

My primary aversion though, is to the AP Calculus BC exam I have tomorrow morning and the AP Biology Final tomorrow night for my online course. Ohhhh, I'm feeling old now. And I also feel like my chances are slowly slipping away. I mean, don't all these famous kids these day achieve fame by sixteen? Or maybe seventeen eighteen at the latest..

Haha, is this what they call a mid-life crisis? Except maybe more..'pre'-midlife crisis?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Elyar Fox

My absolute favoritist garçon!!! Yup, that's right, even more so that One Direction (though they are delish as well). Soo, today I'm going to fling out some more positively ravishing pictures of Elyar, because, you know, I just cannot resist his charm.

Let's start with a very recent picture and then go on from there ;)

Ahh, I think five is enough for today. Imma shuffle over to the replay button now~ Never give up Elyar, we're all sending our wishes!! Elyar~

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Couldn't Resist

Remember how I said that once I'm obsessed with something, I'm really obsessed with it? Well, here are some scrumptious quotes from ~One Direction~

"One day we went to a farm and they asked us if we'd like to ride horses, but there were only four, so Harry rode a cow." -Liam

"When Harry gets out of the swimming pool he looks like a baby Tarzan." -Liam

"We actually have secret Twitter accounts where we act like fans." -Niall

"Who's the laziest?" Niall: "Zayn sleeps a lot." Zayn: "He eats a lot." Louis: "You didn't answer the question."

"I drew a cat recently and Louis asked me why I was drawing a giraffe." -Harry

Zayn: "If you could wish for anything what would it be?" Harry: "I would wish for two more wishes!" Zayn:"You're weird."

"A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell." - Harry

"I don't eat pig, so I've got chicken. Special chicken. Cause I'm special." -Zayn

"Zayn can make a girl faint, just by looking at them. He's truly a Power Ranger." -Niall

Louis: "I am a man with a big dreams." Harry: "his bum's name is 'dreams'."

"What do you most like about being in 1D?" Liam: "My 4 bestfriends, of course." Everyone: "N'awww!" Harry: "I like the girls."

"I prefer to date younger girls to be more protective." -Zayn

"I hate it when girls act stupid because they think it's cute. Intelligence is sexy." -Niall

"Zayn is afraid of the dark. And can't swim. But still, he's a real man for us." - Harry

Harry: "My mom still calls me her baby..." Zayn: "Aw, baby!" Harry: "Zayn, your mom calls you her little baby..."

Harry: "Never mind the age of a girl." Louis: "So you'd date a 13 year old?" Harry: "Why not?"

"What do the rest of you look for in a woman?" Zayn: "I want someone to show me what I'm looking for."

Niall: "If Harry's wearing a hat, it means he slept with someone the night before."

“Once I cried in a restaurant because the waitress told me I couldn’t eat my soup with a fork, I had to use a spoon.” -Liam

"If this was your last day on earth, what would you do?" Harry: "Buy some cats."

"Would you rather kiss a girl or eat pizza?" Harry: "Kiss a girl." Niall: "Eat pizza."

"If I was Zayn, I would date myself." -Niall

"Who would you most like to do a duet with?" Liam: "Niall!" Niall: "Liam, I'm in a band with you." Liam: "Oh yeah."

"If you had an elephant where would you hide it?" Harry: "In a room" Zayn: "In a tunnel" Louis: "Why are we hiding an elephant?"

"The other boys aren't allowed to wear stripes." -Louis

"Girls are the same all over the world, aren't they? They're all beautiful" -Liam

"Blondes or brunettes?" Niall: "Blondes." Zayn: "Both." Harry: "Brunettes with a beautiful smile." Liam: "I don't care." Louis: "Harry."

Niall: "What's your favourite song on the album?" Fans: "We love you guys." Louis: "That's on the next album."

"Harry watched Titanic 10 times, and at the end, he always cries." -Niall

"I was about to hug a fan, but she said she wants to hug Lou. She was about to hug Lou, but Lou said he wants to hug me." -Niall

"Truth is, I don't mind getting a black eyes or a broken arm for a girl as long as she's there to kiss it after." -Harry

Zayn: "We got lost in Sydney." Louis: "We were just roaming the streets, looking for friends."

"Living with Harry has it's benefits. He gives good massages, cooks well and he is constantly saying I Love You." -Louis

"I had a bike when I was 3, it was hard to ride, but I'm Harry Styles" -Harry.

"Any phobias?" Liam: "Spoons!" Zayn: "Water and heights" Louis: "Growing up" Niall: "Waking up in the morning" Harry: "Crocodile eggs"

"We were in Harry's house and he pretended to be a whale. His mother came in and told him to stop making sexual noises." -Niall

"What's snogging?" Harry: "Making out." Louis: "Show 'em Harry!"

"Niall is always hungry because he has an angel eating inside of him. That's why he sings like one." -Liam

"It's quite funny when people give you a second look and realise who you are." -Niall

"I'd kill for a super intelligent girlfriend" -Harry

Niall: "If Liam is with me, I feel like, I'm a baby or a girl" Liam: "Niall, finish your food" Niall: "See?"

"If I could spend a day with a fan.. I would do a dinner date under the moon light." -Zayn

"Being single doesn't mean that you're weak, it means that you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve." -Niall

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" -Louis to Harry

"Whenever I'm sad I just imagine if babies were born with mustaches." -Liam

"Zayn hates liars. If you lie to him, it would be hard to earn his trust again... Unless you're me." -Liam

"What’s the correct reaction when a fan asks you to sign her boobs?" Harry: "Which one?"

Niall: "I'm a math genius!" Louis: "What's 675 books + 345 books?" Niall: "A Library! ask me harder questions, Louis!"

"Girls who dont wear make up are more beautiful." -Niall

"Your scariest moment with a fan?" Zayn: "We were in a room & people were licking the windows,it felt like we were in a zombie movie."

Liam: "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Niall: "Because I ate it."

Zayn: "Niall likes to make his name out of alphabet spaghetti, but we have to help him cause he usually just eats it all."

"Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis." -Harry

Zayn: "Liam and I were messing around once and we accidentally kissed.."

"Tall girls are hot, short girls are cuties." -Harry

Fan: *meeting Zayn* I can't breathe! OH MY GOD! Zayn: Please breathe.

Louis: "Harry was such an adorable kid, he was blonde and always had red cheeks." Harry: But now.. I'm sexy."

"I really want a son! I don't care if I have to have 20 girls to get one!" -Louis.

Harry: "Dude, she has a boyfriend." Niall: "So? Football has a goal keeper, but it doesn't mean you can't score."

Niall: "Harry is the youngest, but everyone believes that I am." Louis: "That's bcause you're very cute and Harry is more perverted."

"Liam once forgot the lyrics during the performance so he tapped on his microphone and pretended it wasn't working" -Niall

"Zayn pisses me off sometimes, how can he be so stunning, without even trying?" -Niall

Haha, some of these just made me chuckle. As for the rest, well, I couldn't resist ;) But goodness, this turned into a huge list.. I promise it wasn't supposed to be this long, just a few of the funnier quotes really. But everything they say is so funny! And..we all know about my obsessive nature, no? Lolol, One Direction!!!


I hate it when I get my hopes up and then get absolutely, completely crushed. Life has been one huge disappointment for me, full of could-have-beens, should-have-beens, and would-have-beens. To be honest, I look forward for it to be all over. But something keeps me going, little by little. I wonder if it will be worth it in the end.

Haha, jk. Well. For the most part.

I did have an illuminating day though. Of course, what I realized was all awful, but it was enlightening just the same.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Only One Direction

Oh yes. One Direction is the only band out there for me. Well, for these next few months at least ;)

So who's a fan? Or the better question is probably..who isn't? Heehee.
British boys..so perfect.

And here is Harry Styles, my absolute favorite of the boys!!

Mmm, Harry is the youngest of the group, and so the closest in age to me as well >:D But he's also ridiculously cute, and his voice is like such a dream.

Next..Zayn Malik!

He just has such an air of mystique surrounding him. And I haven't particularly cared for thick eyebrows before, but that and his hair just work on him. Soooo hot~

Meet Niall Horan now ;D
Ahhh, I don't even know how to express my adoration of his hair and eyes. He has such a kind, considerate air about him too, très attractif!

It's Louis Tomlinson!

Is he not just the cutest? He seems so intense, but without losing his casualness..

And the last member is Liam Payne ;)
Seems almost Bieberesque, no? But he manages it so much better~

Oh divine forces, je les adore! How do people even become so attractive? Go One Direction!! Fighting all the way <3

Now..they're touring *faint* in my area this June, but my mom isn't going to let me go. I haven't exactly asked her yet, but I did mention the concert at one point a few weeks ago and my mom just looked at me for a second before asking me how my AP exam preparations were coming along.. And that reminds me, I should be going now -.-" Haha, maybe I can go if I do really well? Nevermind, there aren't many rewards in Asian systems. Besides, the results for the exams won't even be released until July.

On a happier note though, I took a Biology practice exam last night, and I did really well! This is the fourth exam that I've taken, my first score being a shocking 66 out of 100. But yesterday, yesterday I managed to pull out an 85 out of 100!! I still have some work to do on the essay, but this is calming me down a bit. Except..the AP Calc exam is this Wednesday *facepalm*. I suppose I'll be going now..

Friday, May 4, 2012


Of course, after being drawn into Youtube by the amazing Elyar Fox, I needed to continue hunting along for more hidden wonders. And since I hate returning empty handed, we can pretty much assume that I have more obsessive stuff to share ;D

Meet Jason Chen, a singer with some brilliant covers as well as many wholly original songs that will leave you scrambling for more. And to think that I always kept mooning over how I want to be famous when there's people as talented as Jason that haven't been discovered.. Listen to his Chinese songs too! They're good even if you can't understand them ;) Or..learn Chinese!

Bye bye for now~

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wahhh!! Though I don't especially like Justin Bieber's (relatively) new song Boyfriend, it has led me to some finds that I do like. Justin is having a best cover contest on Youtube, and many of the covers are definitely worth listening to. Here's the link so that you can judge for yourself, after all, I do have some rather weird tastes..

Now then, here are my own personal favorite two. The first is by a London boy with a delicious accent and an angelic voice. Oh, and did I mention that he looks just as delectable? Well, see for yourself, I promise I'm not lying ;) Goodness, even his name sets off a tingle. Elyar Fox. Delightful. Haha, I was so stricken by his appearance, voice, and apparent sense of humor that I even went to his FB page and sent him a message. Never done that before.. But then again, I haven't found anyone so close to my own age and yet so drool-worthy before either.

As for the second cover that just stood out, it's a bit shocking. After all, it's a nine year old boy rapping and singing so sweetly and perfectly that I feel as though my world's tipping. I was never that talented at nine. Nope, not even in piano, or dance, or anything that I spent hours practicing everyday. And by now I'm sure that you're impatient to see this boy wonder that I kept chattering about, so here you go, an opportunity to find a treasure. Oh, and did I mention that he lives in the same state as me? I think we're just an hour apart ;/ Haha, so famous, and only in fourth grade? Well MattyB, keep on rapping!! P.S.-he made a cover of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" as well, and it's just as adorably great. (Sorry, couldn't resist, One Direction is one of my favorite bands!!)

If I were in charge of anything, then I would say that Elyar Fox should be signed on in a heartbeat. With his looks and vocals, I'm sure he would become an instant sensation. And not to mention his amazing accent either. I kept replaying his videos earlier in the day until I finally realized that AP exams are next week, and I'll have more time to obsess over his videos once I'm done testing and stressing and not sleeping. So I'm completely serious about how much I love those two boys right now (come on, I even linked them to this page, and everyone knows that I would never do that unless I just adored them so much that I overcame all of my procrastination and laziness to actually do it), and you should check out the videos, even if you aren't a Justin Bieber fan. Enjoy!

But before I go, I decided that to capture even more of your interest, I'm going to add a picture of Elyar Fox ;D

Oh why not, I'll just add one of MattyB as well then~
I wish more guys had eyes like that..

And now, that's really all. I do have to go study don't I? -.-"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


English is such a strange language. So ambiguous, so conflicting. Mayday, for example, is a holiday that is celebrated on the first of May as well as a word used to signal disaster.

Well, today I'm not celebrating the holiday, though I do love parting of all sorts, I'm hollering my distress for the wide Internet community to perceive. And what exactly has caused me to skip almost a month of posting and sees me sitting nervously at all of hours of the night flipping through textbooks? Why, AP testing of course!

I imagine that this year I've finally gone crazy. In the next two weeks I will be rampaging through four AP tests. One of which I am not taking in school. That's right, I'm taking AP Biology as an online class. Which means more work. After all, I'm not going to let my GPA suffer for my foolish AP cramming. Oh, and guess what. My school operates on a block schedule so that I took AP Language last semester. Yeah. That means I've gone quite a few months without really writing anything. I mean oh sure, I've written a few essays for AP World History, but it's not really the same now is it? AP World essays entail crammed content, but little styling or anything else required for a successful lit. paper, namely analyzing.

There's so so much more to say, such as the violin recital that I missed because of You and Me meetings, and my ballet recital in two weekends that I may not be able to make because last week I managed to sprain my ankle. And then of course there are all those final exams that I still have to take, with Biology worrying me especially as I now have a 93 in the class. All this and so much more. What am I going to do? Well, perhaps, go do some Calc now so that sleep isn't just an illusion..