Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh. My.

And how exactly is it possible that today is only a Tuesday?

Better question.

And how in the world is it possible that it is just now Tuesday of the third week of school??

Okay. Better yet.

In what world is it even plausible that it is only a Tuesday of the third week of school and I am already deathly tired?

Oh right. This world.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

God Dammit

Wow. So I just spent about two hours cruising around the website for Georgia Virtual Academy looking for the Student Orientation Course so I could hurry up and see the course syllabus. But of course no..I just found out that even though I paid for it yesterday, it only just processed this afternoon and so I can't even take the orientation thing until tomorrow afternoon. And by that time it really might be too late to join the current session, which is sixteen weeks long and starts tomorrow. Instead, I might be force to take the fourteen week long one, which may not seem to be much of a time difference but would make my life immensely harder s right now everything I have to do is balanced just perfectly. If I have to spend more time studying biology of all things, I might just flipping break down like everyone around me seems to expect. Arghh D=<

Friday, August 26, 2011


So I know that I haven't exactly been too active on this blog in the most recent past, but that's because since the start of school, life has been gradually becoming more and more overwhelming, especially with the start of dance classes again as well. But in my free time I have been starting to write a book of sorts. It is by no means professional or even good as I write in sections of literally minutes between classes. Anyways, I was wondering if perhaps I should post my book in chapters on my blog. Again, it's rather just an assortment of ideas that I jolt down whenever possible. Nothing has been planned out and I have no end destination in mind. Basically, whatever I feel like writing at the moment is what I write. Maybe I will post it, after all, I'm rather proud of writing with no direction in mind.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Any Ideas?

So I've just started a club called Science Bowl at my school, and for those of you who don't know exactly what Science Bowl is:

Science Bowl is a high school and middle school academic competition, similar to Quiz Bowl, held in the United States. Two teams of four students each compete to answer various science-related questions. In order to determine which student has the right to answer the question, a buzzer system is used, similar to those seen on popular television game shows such as Jeopardy. Questions are asked in the categories entitled Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Energy, and Earth and Space Science.

So that's that. Now, would anyone have any suggestions for study materials, books, websites, etc. that would help? If so, I'm desperately in need of them as my schedule is already swamped with activities and I don't have that much time left to organize it and buy materials. I'm also keen on finding more effective study strategies and practice tips, so any of these would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Also, I've started an organization called You and Me--anyone interested please contact me via comment or whatsoever, the meetings take place at East Cobb Library, Marietta, GA from 2 to 4 on the second Saturday of every month--where a group of Chinese American teens of high school age help teach adopted Chinese children, children of mixed families, and anyone else interested really, to their Chinese heritage. We teach conversational Chinese as well as culture through games, songs, stories, etc. and hold special meetings during major Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, then come to the meetings and spread the word! Btw, this is our second year as an organization so we do happen to know what we're doing. Thanks for your time~

2.2% Complete

Yay!! I've made it to the first weekend! But that was an abnormally long feeling week of school, so much homework was given on the first day.. Ugh, just the though of surviving NEXT week makes me want to crawl back to bed, cover my ears, and go back to sleep. And then there's the though that I still have 97.8% percent of school to complete. Oh, excuse me, 97.8% of SOPHOMORE year to complete.. Now there's no September break to look forward to either. T.T" Better get started with that AP Language project now..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back Home Again!!

...just in time for school. Where has summer gone?

If only with the disappearance of summer also disappeared my summer reading, then perhaps one could deal with the upcoming start of school. Oh, but the day that happens will be the day pigs learn to fly a space shuttle.

Enough said here, it's time to get back to the books..