Saturday, March 6, 2010

le Examen

lol, no it's not a french test on a sunday
it's actually my chinese final exam for chinese school, which is held on sundays
so now i'm really trying to divide my time between the exam tomorrow and studying for math, science, and georgia studies in actual school....
and to top all of that off, we also have this stupid georgia studies project all about the civil war
and then since wednesdays the last day of this nine weeks, i also have to figure out how to bring my latin grade up from an 88 -.-"
and of course, with my busy schedule of ballet and school and whatnot, i will never find time to go watch Alice in Wonderland T.T (came out yesterday, for those unknowing...)
and of course, even if i did find time, my mom would never let me go, saying "you've watched too many movies in such a short time, no more movies" (sadly, Avatar and The Lightning Thief were the only two movies i've seen in like five years, it's not my fault that they were both so close together)
lol, whatever, i'll just figure ut a way around, maybe an arranged kidnapping from one of my friends or something =D

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