Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walton Color Guard

The prestigious Walton color guard came to our school during gm class. A few days before the Pope color guard had been here, but proudly and quite truthfully I can say that the Walton color guard is of course the better. In fact, their winter guard dance was so good today, I was tempted to go to Walton after all just to join.

After the company danced, they again let us onto the floor to try out the equipment. I screwed up all my courage and went. IT WAS GREAT!!! The most fun I've ever had ding a single thing. At first I was so scared about throwing the flag up and then catching it, but then I tried it once, somehow managed to catch it, and from that point on was hooked. In total they had time to teach me three throws, we were starting on a fourth when they had to gather all the equipment. While I had my instructor person to myself, Yvette, Katherine, Kelley, and Gretchen all had to share one, one that was considerably less experienced than mine I must say. Only now do I realize how luck I was.

The feeling I experienced right after a successful toss and catch was incredible. It really makes me wonder how awesome it would be if I could do it all the time, and better yet, as part of the Walton color guard. I was so caught up in all this that I even went and asked the organizer if I could join Walton's color guard even if I was going to a different school. But of course not. One can't have all the good things in life.

Thinking back to tossing the flag just brings such delight. So happy that I could catch it and turned out to be good at it. My helper, Jessica I think, said that I was really good and the whole thing and should join the color guard at Walton. I almost cried when she said that. I love life.

I need to go buy a flag for my very own, cheer myself on in the backyard or something. =D

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