Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hana Kimi

Title of Manga: Hana Kimi: For you In Full Blossom
Author: Hisaya Nakajo

Summary: Mizuki Ashiya a Japanese girl who lives in America has fallen in love with Izumi Sano, a Japanese high jumper who goes to the all boy high school Osaka Gakuen. So what's a smitten teenage girl to do? Dress up like a guy and hope you can get into the school of course!
When she gets there, the biggest shock of her life is that she and Sano are going to be room mates! Then begins the cutest love story of the ages while other guys start to question
their own sexualtiy.

Favorite Book Quote
"What is with Greenpeace anyway? Who wants to live in harmony with nature?! I lived in harmony with nature and it gave me a rash!" ~ Dr. Umeda, Page 145, Hana Kimi vol. 6, By: Hisaya Nakajo

Favorite Character
Shin, Izumi's younger brother, is actually my favorite character. He
doesn't appear much throughout the manga, but the few volumes that he dominates are very important to a subplot. He helps build Mizuki and Izumi's relationship closer and reveals more about Izumi's previous life. There's more to it but I won't be a spoilsport. Go Shin!

This is the perfect manga for those who need a first manga to start. Good for multi-manga readers as well. Probably those 13+ would find this most enjoyable. This is with my highest recommendations. Grade: A+

Good readings to you. =D

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