Monday, April 5, 2010

You May Have Been Wondering...

i'm off of sammy, he can go be happy with that girl of his (yes i know her now, no, i'm not saying it, it hurts my head just to think it)
now...i really don't see what's so good about him any more, that light around him has been dimming and finally disappeared over the past few days. i can finally think of him without my mind exploding in a flash of pain (the same sadly can't be said of that girl...)
but just wanted to say here that i'm actually over him regrets (okay, yes, alot, but we're not talking about that now...)and i think i'll finally move on now.
i guess this is the absolute best time it could have happened to me, now i can enjoy my spring break in peace =)

there should be some other prince in shining armor waiting for somewhere around some bend in the road of my life...

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