Monday, April 5, 2010


saturday we drove 11 hours from Atlanta GA all the way into DC. yesterday we toured all the Smithsonian museum's in our area(we're staying at my dad and mom's old college friends from way back 15/20 years ago)they're all right next to the memorials and stuff. then today we went to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the latest Smithsonian Museum. and...*drum roll* we went the White House today!!! it was for the annual Easter egg roll/hunt/random stuff, but we actually got to see the White House today with all this extra security around. also there where JUSTIN BIEBER and *more drum roll please* APOLO OHNO!!! *faint* my hero XP. but i went to the justin bieber concert while my dad's friend took the rest to the egg hunt and stuff with the promise that they would later come for me. however, after the concert ended i waited another15 minutes til he remembered me. under normal circumstances this would have been fine, but this time however...apparently apolo (=D!!!!!!)had started his show 10 minutes early, so even though i was completely on time, THEY WOULDN'T LET ME IN! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but over all it was a great first two days of spring break^^

preview of next few days of my spring break:
tomorrow we're all driving up to Boston(that's another 10 hours stuck in a car) after a stop at colleges(yes, i got my parents to agree to this trip by talking about colleges)up in boston we'll have some fun, eat lobsters =), look at more colleges?, and so on. then we're on to new york-statue of liberty, empire state, central park, time square, more colleges...

then i suppose that's all...if you can call that all^^

PS after seeing his concert in live and all his fans, i've decided that i'm no longer against him, this added to his Canadian heritage(i'm canadian too =D)that instead of disliking, i now like him wholeheartedly^^(now how old is he again? 14? 15? think he turned 15 in February but not really sure...i'm 14 in may =D)

PSS from new york to atlanta, it's a...15 HOUR DRIVE(is that even possible in one day?)...

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