Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back To The Start

Here I am, back in good old Georgia again. =D

Turns out, though vacations are really fun and stuff, in the end the best place really is home. Met a lot of hot guys in the streets of Chinatown in Boston and Manhattan, and also those two cities themselves. One of the cutest I've seen was working in the Farmer's Market in Chinatown of Boston. Really quite cute.

Manhattan was so much more New York-ish than I'd even thought possible. We got on the ferry in some park in New Jersey and went to Ellis Island first. Next we went on to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. The security on these two places and the Empire State building was even more terrifying than the ones you usually get at airports, trust me on this. After we went to Liberty Island, we were ferried across to Battery Park in New York. Here we got a hotdog New York style of the streets and later also had some nice honey-roasted coconuts (?)and a giant pretzel of those nice street vendor peoples. Following Broadway up from downtown toward midtown, we enjoyed a view of Manhattan and Wall Street. Later we took the subway up to Central Park. The subway system was extremely confusing at first, but somehow we got where we wanted. From Central Park (really pretty there, can't believe there's so much green in Manhattan of all places...)we walked back to the Empire State Building following Fifth Avenue and all wowed at the amazing stores there. We passed Abercrombie and Fitch and there was this huge line of (mostly) girls outside. Inside the store were flashing lights, a huge poster of those really hot shirtless guys, and then standing right under the poster were *drum roll* the very models themselves, shirtless under their poster and having a blast. Anyways, we went up to the 86th floor on the Empire State Building ( 600th floor?) and caught the Statue of Liberty bathed in a very rosy looking sunset. Needless to say, many many pictures were taken here in all directions. After this, we got on the subway again and went down to Chinatown. Had a real meal there (lobsters again =D) and spent a nice long while walking around and enjoying Chinatown/Manhattan/the goodness of New York life. After all this, we took yet another subway back up to Time Square. A lot of pictures and time was spent staring around us at the entire buildings composed of advertisements. My brother even went and played pinball on THE SIDE OF A BUILDING at my urging. And this was LITERALLY on the side of the building itself. Ah, the wonders of city life. Somehow, we managed all of this in one day and were done by around 10 PM.

Apparently, we wandered into Time Square on a late Friday night. The crowds there were all really loud and fun. The entire square was alive. My only objection to life in the city is all the smoke there. Both from all the factories and all the minors smoking "to be cool". But really, I'd go live there in a split second if I could. =P

Yesterday we drove for exactly 14 hours and 28 minutes here from Newark in New Jersey. Arrived at our house at 11:58 PM yesterday (YES! Made it before this morning XD).

Now on the top of my list of favorite colleges sits Yale. It' both beautiful there and has a good system. Another plus is the awesome little town it sits in, full of good food places.

Spring break is over tomorrow, then CRCTs start this Wednesday. Then I have a huge Latin project to start/finish. Then of course there's about three weeks worth of Chinese homework that I really need to catch up on plus an essay for the Chinese school to submit to the newspapers.

Why am I always so busy?

Oh well, I guess I like it this way. =/

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