Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh So Tired...

just got back from our ballet recital, err, spring concert (jeesh teachers, why change the name all of a sudden?). sososo tired now, can't even think right i'm so tired. today was just too stressful, the stakes to high to even think about falling. ugh. my day started with rehearsal from 9:45 to 12:56. Then i had about two hours to get SOME homework done a least and then i had to go have my piano lesson and then eat my lunch at almost 4. after all this, at 5:15 i had a "warm-up class" which was more like a death class, everyone was panting and gasping and all red in the face by the end of it all. right after this of course we had the actual recital itself which required another flurry of perfect hair, hairspray clouds, hurried makeup, quick changes, my point shoe ribbon completely just popping off, the main curtain falling instead of lifting, butterflies in the stomach, needle stabbed in the ankle, and whatever else happened in the mass air of nerves we all sat bundled in. ahh, it just doesn't get any easier no matter how many times you do it. in fact, i think it gets harder, each time has to be better as we advance through the levels soon, when/if i get to the apprentice one/student ensemble then i'll have my very own little solo, which would be just horrifying to mess up in. happy to report though that my relation with my fellow students has shifted slightly in a good very good way. i've started talking more and now matt, ahem, i'm sorry, *matthew (elizabeth appeared to have a problem with me calling him matt instead of matthew even when he says he doesn't mind...children these days), has actually started kinda sorta including me in his conversations and questions now. all in all, today was a wonderfull ball of hysteria with just the right touch of everything. so many wonderful things happened, i saw soo many wonderful dances and solos, austin talked to me again (only after i said after i had been kicked out of my dressing room only to find him sitting outside, there's a huge story about this that doesn't really relate to anything but would be wonderfully funny if i do remember this some years later), got this bouquet of beautiful brilliant blue flowers from sophie who complimented me by dressing semi-formally for a change (btw, as thanks for giving her some tickets, or maybe just as a whim, she never told me which, she's taking me to church tomorrow with her!!! =D). i'm so happy now^^. but i do need to go now, recital...SPRING CONCERT...isn't over yet this year, there's still the one last show tomorrow.

P.S-whoops, forgot to mention something about our really pretty dresses this year. it's a wonderful midnight blue and definitely the best dresses we've ever had. ahh, just so fun. >.< i still can't get over the excitement of a successful performance even after, what, six years now? but i really do need to go and sleep or i'll be dead on stage tomorrow, or even worse, could i possibly fall asleep in church tomorrow? ugh, scary thought...and on this note let us depart. wish me luck for tomorrow! =)

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