Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sixteen and Legal

What am I feeling right now? Well, certainly not older. But maybe a bit nostalgic, a bit regretful, and even a bit hopeful as well?

Ohh AP Exams, why must you interrupt what should be the sweetest of birthdays in Western culture? I must also add that the Calc exam today was rather distressing. Especially those two pesky multiple choice choices that I ended up leaving blank cause our teacher didn't think it was necessary to give a five minute warning before we stopped. Goodness. That may have been the difference between a 4 and a 5 right there. Hypothetically of course. I'm not sure that I can be that optimistic about my scores, though I am feeling better after a certain Micah incident which Ben managed to resolve for me. Haha, I'm not allowed to discuss the exam specifically yet so here I am making vague statements in the hopes that it's better than nothing..

Well, the free response questions and answers should be released onto the college board website by the weekend, so excuse me while I go busy myself biting my nails in anticipation. Though in all honestly, maybe I should try putting all of this behind me until after I've finished my other three AP exams lest it negatively affect my later testing moods.

May you have good luck always on your AP exams and school finals!

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