Tuesday, May 1, 2012


English is such a strange language. So ambiguous, so conflicting. Mayday, for example, is a holiday that is celebrated on the first of May as well as a word used to signal disaster.

Well, today I'm not celebrating the holiday, though I do love parting of all sorts, I'm hollering my distress for the wide Internet community to perceive. And what exactly has caused me to skip almost a month of posting and sees me sitting nervously at all of hours of the night flipping through textbooks? Why, AP testing of course!

I imagine that this year I've finally gone crazy. In the next two weeks I will be rampaging through four AP tests. One of which I am not taking in school. That's right, I'm taking AP Biology as an online class. Which means more work. After all, I'm not going to let my GPA suffer for my foolish AP cramming. Oh, and guess what. My school operates on a block schedule so that I took AP Language last semester. Yeah. That means I've gone quite a few months without really writing anything. I mean oh sure, I've written a few essays for AP World History, but it's not really the same now is it? AP World essays entail crammed content, but little styling or anything else required for a successful lit. paper, namely analyzing.

There's so so much more to say, such as the violin recital that I missed because of You and Me meetings, and my ballet recital in two weekends that I may not be able to make because last week I managed to sprain my ankle. And then of course there are all those final exams that I still have to take, with Biology worrying me especially as I now have a 93 in the class. All this and so much more. What am I going to do? Well, perhaps, go do some Calc now so that sleep isn't just an illusion..

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