Saturday, May 5, 2012

Only One Direction

Oh yes. One Direction is the only band out there for me. Well, for these next few months at least ;)

So who's a fan? Or the better question is probably..who isn't? Heehee.
British perfect.

And here is Harry Styles, my absolute favorite of the boys!!

Mmm, Harry is the youngest of the group, and so the closest in age to me as well >:D But he's also ridiculously cute, and his voice is like such a dream.

Next..Zayn Malik!

He just has such an air of mystique surrounding him. And I haven't particularly cared for thick eyebrows before, but that and his hair just work on him. Soooo hot~

Meet Niall Horan now ;D
Ahhh, I don't even know how to express my adoration of his hair and eyes. He has such a kind, considerate air about him too, très attractif!

It's Louis Tomlinson!

Is he not just the cutest? He seems so intense, but without losing his casualness..

And the last member is Liam Payne ;)
Seems almost Bieberesque, no? But he manages it so much better~

Oh divine forces, je les adore! How do people even become so attractive? Go One Direction!! Fighting all the way <3

Now..they're touring *faint* in my area this June, but my mom isn't going to let me go. I haven't exactly asked her yet, but I did mention the concert at one point a few weeks ago and my mom just looked at me for a second before asking me how my AP exam preparations were coming along.. And that reminds me, I should be going now -.-" Haha, maybe I can go if I do really well? Nevermind, there aren't many rewards in Asian systems. Besides, the results for the exams won't even be released until July.

On a happier note though, I took a Biology practice exam last night, and I did really well! This is the fourth exam that I've taken, my first score being a shocking 66 out of 100. But yesterday, yesterday I managed to pull out an 85 out of 100!! I still have some work to do on the essay, but this is calming me down a bit. Except..the AP Calc exam is this Wednesday *facepalm*. I suppose I'll be going now..

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