Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Budding Coincidences

Wow. Just two three days after I FB chatted with one of my friends from middle school and joked about another accidental meeting this summer, I ran into him at the library! Hahah, Sophie was also there, and the two of them were studying for the SAT subject tests, though they did not meet by design.

Only on my second attempt to converse with them did Sophie and Brian start to really talk with me again; at one lull in the conversation Sophie even asked why I was leaving so soon, so of course I sat and threw some more short lived topics onto the table. In the end, I stayed there for nearly 45 minutes while my mom and brother waited by the door.

We tried to arrange a movie date three or four times, but it fell through each time as we weren't really sure what movies are currently playing and Sophie was rather difficult to sway. Well, that and it was mostly me bringing it up. The only other recurring topic was of the IB program and how the block scheduling works. Brian in particular was interested in this while Sophie , well, remained Sophie.

Overall, they're pretty much the same as they were two years ago, though perhaps our conversations were just a tad bit more awkward this afternoon. Here's to fate's collisions!

I really must write an extra long post tomorrow to wipe this entry from the front of my blog.

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