Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wahhh!! Though I don't especially like Justin Bieber's (relatively) new song Boyfriend, it has led me to some finds that I do like. Justin is having a best cover contest on Youtube, and many of the covers are definitely worth listening to. Here's the link so that you can judge for yourself, after all, I do have some rather weird tastes..

Now then, here are my own personal favorite two. The first is by a London boy with a delicious accent and an angelic voice. Oh, and did I mention that he looks just as delectable? Well, see for yourself, I promise I'm not lying ;) Goodness, even his name sets off a tingle. Elyar Fox. Delightful. Haha, I was so stricken by his appearance, voice, and apparent sense of humor that I even went to his FB page and sent him a message. Never done that before.. But then again, I haven't found anyone so close to my own age and yet so drool-worthy before either.

As for the second cover that just stood out, it's a bit shocking. After all, it's a nine year old boy rapping and singing so sweetly and perfectly that I feel as though my world's tipping. I was never that talented at nine. Nope, not even in piano, or dance, or anything that I spent hours practicing everyday. And by now I'm sure that you're impatient to see this boy wonder that I kept chattering about, so here you go, an opportunity to find a treasure. Oh, and did I mention that he lives in the same state as me? I think we're just an hour apart ;/ Haha, so famous, and only in fourth grade? Well MattyB, keep on rapping!! P.S.-he made a cover of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" as well, and it's just as adorably great. (Sorry, couldn't resist, One Direction is one of my favorite bands!!)

If I were in charge of anything, then I would say that Elyar Fox should be signed on in a heartbeat. With his looks and vocals, I'm sure he would become an instant sensation. And not to mention his amazing accent either. I kept replaying his videos earlier in the day until I finally realized that AP exams are next week, and I'll have more time to obsess over his videos once I'm done testing and stressing and not sleeping. So I'm completely serious about how much I love those two boys right now (come on, I even linked them to this page, and everyone knows that I would never do that unless I just adored them so much that I overcame all of my procrastination and laziness to actually do it), and you should check out the videos, even if you aren't a Justin Bieber fan. Enjoy!

But before I go, I decided that to capture even more of your interest, I'm going to add a picture of Elyar Fox ;D

Oh why not, I'll just add one of MattyB as well then~
I wish more guys had eyes like that..

And now, that's really all. I do have to go study don't I? -.-"

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