Sunday, May 6, 2012

Couldn't Resist

Remember how I said that once I'm obsessed with something, I'm really obsessed with it? Well, here are some scrumptious quotes from ~One Direction~

"One day we went to a farm and they asked us if we'd like to ride horses, but there were only four, so Harry rode a cow." -Liam

"When Harry gets out of the swimming pool he looks like a baby Tarzan." -Liam

"We actually have secret Twitter accounts where we act like fans." -Niall

"Who's the laziest?" Niall: "Zayn sleeps a lot." Zayn: "He eats a lot." Louis: "You didn't answer the question."

"I drew a cat recently and Louis asked me why I was drawing a giraffe." -Harry

Zayn: "If you could wish for anything what would it be?" Harry: "I would wish for two more wishes!" Zayn:"You're weird."

"A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell." - Harry

"I don't eat pig, so I've got chicken. Special chicken. Cause I'm special." -Zayn

"Zayn can make a girl faint, just by looking at them. He's truly a Power Ranger." -Niall

Louis: "I am a man with a big dreams." Harry: "his bum's name is 'dreams'."

"What do you most like about being in 1D?" Liam: "My 4 bestfriends, of course." Everyone: "N'awww!" Harry: "I like the girls."

"I prefer to date younger girls to be more protective." -Zayn

"I hate it when girls act stupid because they think it's cute. Intelligence is sexy." -Niall

"Zayn is afraid of the dark. And can't swim. But still, he's a real man for us." - Harry

Harry: "My mom still calls me her baby..." Zayn: "Aw, baby!" Harry: "Zayn, your mom calls you her little baby..."

Harry: "Never mind the age of a girl." Louis: "So you'd date a 13 year old?" Harry: "Why not?"

"What do the rest of you look for in a woman?" Zayn: "I want someone to show me what I'm looking for."

Niall: "If Harry's wearing a hat, it means he slept with someone the night before."

“Once I cried in a restaurant because the waitress told me I couldn’t eat my soup with a fork, I had to use a spoon.” -Liam

"If this was your last day on earth, what would you do?" Harry: "Buy some cats."

"Would you rather kiss a girl or eat pizza?" Harry: "Kiss a girl." Niall: "Eat pizza."

"If I was Zayn, I would date myself." -Niall

"Who would you most like to do a duet with?" Liam: "Niall!" Niall: "Liam, I'm in a band with you." Liam: "Oh yeah."

"If you had an elephant where would you hide it?" Harry: "In a room" Zayn: "In a tunnel" Louis: "Why are we hiding an elephant?"

"The other boys aren't allowed to wear stripes." -Louis

"Girls are the same all over the world, aren't they? They're all beautiful" -Liam

"Blondes or brunettes?" Niall: "Blondes." Zayn: "Both." Harry: "Brunettes with a beautiful smile." Liam: "I don't care." Louis: "Harry."

Niall: "What's your favourite song on the album?" Fans: "We love you guys." Louis: "That's on the next album."

"Harry watched Titanic 10 times, and at the end, he always cries." -Niall

"I was about to hug a fan, but she said she wants to hug Lou. She was about to hug Lou, but Lou said he wants to hug me." -Niall

"Truth is, I don't mind getting a black eyes or a broken arm for a girl as long as she's there to kiss it after." -Harry

Zayn: "We got lost in Sydney." Louis: "We were just roaming the streets, looking for friends."

"Living with Harry has it's benefits. He gives good massages, cooks well and he is constantly saying I Love You." -Louis

"I had a bike when I was 3, it was hard to ride, but I'm Harry Styles" -Harry.

"Any phobias?" Liam: "Spoons!" Zayn: "Water and heights" Louis: "Growing up" Niall: "Waking up in the morning" Harry: "Crocodile eggs"

"We were in Harry's house and he pretended to be a whale. His mother came in and told him to stop making sexual noises." -Niall

"What's snogging?" Harry: "Making out." Louis: "Show 'em Harry!"

"Niall is always hungry because he has an angel eating inside of him. That's why he sings like one." -Liam

"It's quite funny when people give you a second look and realise who you are." -Niall

"I'd kill for a super intelligent girlfriend" -Harry

Niall: "If Liam is with me, I feel like, I'm a baby or a girl" Liam: "Niall, finish your food" Niall: "See?"

"If I could spend a day with a fan.. I would do a dinner date under the moon light." -Zayn

"Being single doesn't mean that you're weak, it means that you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve." -Niall

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" -Louis to Harry

"Whenever I'm sad I just imagine if babies were born with mustaches." -Liam

"Zayn hates liars. If you lie to him, it would be hard to earn his trust again... Unless you're me." -Liam

"What’s the correct reaction when a fan asks you to sign her boobs?" Harry: "Which one?"

Niall: "I'm a math genius!" Louis: "What's 675 books + 345 books?" Niall: "A Library! ask me harder questions, Louis!"

"Girls who dont wear make up are more beautiful." -Niall

"Your scariest moment with a fan?" Zayn: "We were in a room & people were licking the windows,it felt like we were in a zombie movie."

Liam: "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Niall: "Because I ate it."

Zayn: "Niall likes to make his name out of alphabet spaghetti, but we have to help him cause he usually just eats it all."

"Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis." -Harry

Zayn: "Liam and I were messing around once and we accidentally kissed.."

"Tall girls are hot, short girls are cuties." -Harry

Fan: *meeting Zayn* I can't breathe! OH MY GOD! Zayn: Please breathe.

Louis: "Harry was such an adorable kid, he was blonde and always had red cheeks." Harry: But now.. I'm sexy."

"I really want a son! I don't care if I have to have 20 girls to get one!" -Louis.

Harry: "Dude, she has a boyfriend." Niall: "So? Football has a goal keeper, but it doesn't mean you can't score."

Niall: "Harry is the youngest, but everyone believes that I am." Louis: "That's bcause you're very cute and Harry is more perverted."

"Liam once forgot the lyrics during the performance so he tapped on his microphone and pretended it wasn't working" -Niall

"Zayn pisses me off sometimes, how can he be so stunning, without even trying?" -Niall

Haha, some of these just made me chuckle. As for the rest, well, I couldn't resist ;) But goodness, this turned into a huge list.. I promise it wasn't supposed to be this long, just a few of the funnier quotes really. But everything they say is so funny! And..we all know about my obsessive nature, no? Lolol, One Direction!!!

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