Friday, May 21, 2010

Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, We Are Free At Last!

Yeah, today was the last day of school. Officially, our reign as the top of the chain of middle schoolers has come to an end. Now we have to start over again from the bottom of the high schoolers. Today was a pretty nice, normal day. Me, Jessie, Yvette,, and Sophie were all really hyped up from our sleepover last night (WHOLE other story, it was really fun though), and started the day off eating raman and having lots of fun. I bagged two cookies and brought them with me to school. I also brought a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie that we had made last night for our math teacher, who LOVES sugar and all things Mickey Mouse. So I walked in the door with Sophie and when the teacher saw the cookies, she was like, "chocolate chip cookies! are those for me?" (and remember, this is a person who teaches a very monotone and robotical class, so I was really shocked). So then I gave it to her and told her it was a chocolate chip Mickey Mouse shaped cookie and she just SPAZZED. That was the beginning of the day.

The rest of the day flew by pretty quickly. With only the moments where I gave Alex his cookies (X3) and then later his photos (later I also gave Yvette, David, and Brian theirs) standing out in my mind. But disaster struck when we went to watch the customary slideshow. I realized, "THAT I HAD NOT SIGNED IN SAMMY'S YEARBOOK THIS YEAR. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *about to shoot myself* UGH". Me and Kelley laughed through the slideshow, but when we got up for dismissal, we found out the Yvette was the first to start blubbering, causing the others around her to also break out into tears. I didn't...

Anyways, I fought my way through the crowd and presented a new box of "Five" gum to Matt R. He was all like "o.o really?? for me?". And so I nodded my head and asked him for a hug in return. He paused in leaping over a chair, hugged me, and we said our goodbyes. Next I went to deliver Yvette and Brian's photos, where I found that Yvette was completely red-faced with tears streaming down. Then I noticed a small circle of girls scattered and crying, tears dripping onto the floor. But I didn't have time to worry over that yet, I had just spotted Sammy's brilliant blond head bobbing up and down in the sea of peers. Muttering hurried goodbyes, and distributing hugs, I quickly made my way up to him. He was talking to another guy so I waited, and thought, and then I went up to him after the guy walked away and asked him for a hug. A sheepish expression crept onto his face and the smile that I like so much came with it, the same smiled he had worn the night of the dance, when I confessed. So he said, "sure", opened his arms and I walked in. My head came up just to his chin in that warm embrace, I tilted my head slightly, so I felt the warmth of his wonderful chin resting on my forehead. He hugged me for a pretty long time, at least longer than some other people that I'm actually good friends with, but that might have just been my imagination, in which case, I now know how it feels to have time stop because of love. I hugged him tightly, burying my face against the folds of his brilliant turquoise shirt, wishing the moment would never end. Every detail, every sound, I noticed. But all good things have an end, so of course this did, too. His arms at last loosened, and though I really really wanted to just hug him all the tighter, I knew that it was time to let go, and with it, my past. But I can still remember, how in that moment, as he hugged my, his cheek brushed against mine, ahhh, the wonders that the very thought brings. And that little notion that movie makers have that surroundings just blur into nothingness when with the one you like? Well, it's true, completely true. In that moment, I seriously did not care who saw me. I seriously could not tell what was happening around us, who was who, or even 2x2.

But then the magic disappeared, the back of turquoise shirt disappearing into the crowd again as I walked away. Alot of hugs later, I found out that even though I really wanted to cry, I just could not. Only after I got home did I actually started crying (we had a half day of school today, ended at 12:30). My friends alternated between trying to make me feel better and making fun of me on the bus (about going to Campbell). Anyways, to sum it up, I'm really happy about Sammy hugging me, but I'm also equally sad that he's going to Wheeler after all and I'm going to Campbell. Also, leaving my friends is going to be really harsh and tough, but I have to go to Kelley's party now, so I'll try to be happy for another night and make some more fun memories. Byebye for now, going to go get ready for Kelley's party. PARTY!~~

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