Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Dance! was our eighth grade dance. And, IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Everyone there was "formal' though the posters all said "dressy/casual" and Yuanhan and a group of friends dressed up as the mafia, he as their leader and they as bodyguards. Ahh, they all looked so cute in black suits and then randomly colored ties^^. And then I convinced him to go get pictures with Mary in the photo booth and then I got him to give her a rose. Kya~~~

Alot of friends started giving flowers and acting all storybook-like and I'm proud to say I conquered a little hill of mine too at the dance today. After 17 minutes of careful thought and a great bucket load of courage later, I finally walked up to Sammy in the last minute of the dance and...confessed. But of course something always goes wrong with everything I do. The music was really really loud (another reason for not walking up earlier was because I seriously didn't like some of the music, yes I'm a romantic freak) and so he actually didn't hear me the first time. Like, he looked like he knew what I was talking about but didn't really hear the words and just wanted to make sure or something. And so I had to say a condensed form a second time. But then...I just waited a second and LEFT. I talked to some friends and they were so shocked that I just LEFT after my confession. But was I not supposed to? Was I supposed to stay?? I'm so confused. I also don't really know his reaction. It was dark in there and there was a lot of background stuff and confusion, but I could swear that he almost looked amused. But not amused like he was laughing at me. Rather, he just had on a half-smile and a very peculiar expression that I can't describe at all. But I'm really proud of myself for finally telling him, now i can rest in peace. However, now there's a really serious question that my friends have asked, HOW AM I GOING TO FACE HIM ON MONDAY??? I mean, I kinda just left him after telling him and then ran away. After a weekend, it'll probably be even more awkward. And, since I left, will he ever give me a response? Even if he rejects he I still want to hear it from his mouth. A friend asked if I wanted her to find out for me on Monday, and I really want her to, but then wouldn't it be more awkward?!?! Ugh, I really really want to know and I'm so afraid that he'll just never tell me and shun me or something. I'm so paranoid and unreasonable, cause in the back of my head I've already known what the answer would be for three years already. But that's the only bad part of the dance, everything else was GREAT! No, scratch that, that little scene was definitely not a bad part of the dance, I'm really proud of myself for doing that, I would do it again if I ever got the chance to go back, and it in no way spoiled my evening.

Ahh, wish we could have stayed there forever~

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