Saturday, March 3, 2012

State Robotics Comp!!

Not really that exciting. Or maybe it's just since we were plagued with software problems, racquet ball annoyances, and of course my dropping and smashing a hard contact. Needless to say, we lost today. Was it due to our general overconfidence after easily winning an almost perfect regional? I can't denial that it was, but at the same time I can't condemn us for our arrogance. After all, it was really a matter of pride. That and the fact that we seriously though we could just breeze through the state rounds. Guess fate didn't want to comply.

It almost seems as though all of the recent past events have acted as a sort of premonition to today. The riot at school on Thursday. The following food fights (yes, plural), fire drills (again, note the plural), and general pushiness of the students on Friday. Oh, and of course we can't forget the tornado drill and subsequent blackout yesterday night. Being smushed into such a small room with that many people was not okay. Especially since the one person I wanted to gaze at was at the far side of the room.

Don't get the impression that I'm ranting or complaining about the competition today though. I'm not exactly angry. Or at least, not about losing. Or even really about my broken contacts. No. I'm just severely annoyed that all those members of our team were venting about our captain's decision to attach three claws to the robot instead of two. But really. Who was it again that built 70% of the robot? And who was it that came up with the entire plan and thought through all the details? And really,who was it that started the actual club? That's right. The captain did. And these bumbling buffoons didn't even have the decency to at least think those ugly thoughts outside of his hearing. Oh no, they say it while he's not even three feet away. During the second half of the day I could almost feel him slipping away and growing more and more anxious. I believed in his technology, though not some of his logic, and the three claws really were not the problem. But their complaints obviously disgruntled him though he tried not to show it, and so throughout the last matches when we had worked out the problem, we was too focused on proving the robot that he never even noticed me yelling instructions at him. The team should just feel awful for criticizing his additions to the robot when they haven't done ANYTHING compared to him. End rant.

Aside from that though, I did enjoy today immensely. The ninja games are one thing that I'll miss about the Seniors leaving, and the flirting as well of course. Those battles of wits really give me something to look forward to throughout the week even. I mean come on. Every night at one, when I finally have some free time, I push myself into crunches, planks, and other whoknowswhats with the thought of HIM on my mind. Haha, what makes me so happy right now is that since I hugged him so many times, though not how anyone imagines hugs, that my hand and jacket smells just like him. Weird much? Just a bit. But I love it nonetheless. All those neck hugs will stay on my mind for the longest of times and the fact that he initiated some of them, though backwards, and despite him being the hugest flirt I know, will be fluttering through my thoughts for no one knows how long. Ahhh, breathe deeply. Everything will be alright.

Maybe he's graduating this May. Maybe since we didn't win the competition we won't have meetings anymore. Maybe our two year grade difference means we have no classes together. Maybe he does have a girlfriend. Who knows. I certainly have no idea what the future has in store for me. After all, look at the past few days at school. Did I ever think I would be living through a high school life of rioting and turmoil? Certainly not when I signed up for the IB program. And did my opinion change? Ohh, but yes. After two days I have decided that nothing is too farfetched.

Hey. It's spring. Magic is in the air. Take a breath.

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