Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quelle Chance?

Boy am I happy that I didn't listen to reason and decide that we could not possibly go to South Carolina for a robotics competition. After all, usually I hate to bring false hope or to have others point out loopholes in my overexcited ideas. This time though, the benefits just simply outweighed any associated risks. And while I still feel like all credit should go to my Wheeler friend, my teammates are all heaping praise on me like I just discovered a new law of science. I can't deny that I'm not enjoying it, but I also feel guilty since they, once again, think I'm responsible for something that I didn't really start. Ah well, the most important thing here is that I'm able to stay overnight in SC with him and maybe even ride in the same car on the way there. And, of course, that our team is receiving another chance at showing the world our skill and rising to the next level of the competition. Which also means that I'll see everyone on the team for at least another month. Yess

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