Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Near Miss

Aren't those just the worst? It's bad enough when things don't go according to plan, but when you're off by just one or two? Awful.

So way back in February I took the Biology Olympiad Open Exam in the hopes of making the Semifinalist list this year. Well actually, to be entirely truthful, I was just trying it out this year and had absolutely no intention of anything. But then today I noted from my FB friends that the scores had come out so off I went to check mine. So this year's cutoff score is 24 out of 50 right? Well, I had a solid 22. And while that's not too too close considering there were only 50 questions, it still makes me feel terrible. And I haven't even told my parents yet. After all, they're always the ones to harbor the most hopes, even if I express my misgivings. I really want to tell my mom right now so she can laugh at how close I unintentionally was and then soothe my ruffled pride a bit. Terrible that it's so late right now and that, no matter when I do tell her, she probably won't calm me at all. On the contrary, I would almost bet that she would just shrug it off in some way that explodes my injured pride, act nonchalant about it for a day, and then spend the next three months randomly questioning me about the exam.

Sad that there's such a pattern to all the competition's in my life. Is this all a sign?

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