Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No More Joking

Goodness. I can't believe it, but I haven't slept before 2 in the morning for over a week now. I would guess that it started last last Thursday night. Actually, more often than not I've slept barely before three during this time period. And the two Saturdays included thus far, I've slept at a shocking 5:30. Sometimes I wonder how I'm still on my feet, walking through school, not nodding off in class, laughing around with friends, and most astoundingly, making it through ballet class (with a broken air conditioner might I add, so at around 80 F) without breaking down at some point.

And I know that most people out there who bother to read this will be snorting at how much I must procrastinate, but really, I haven't even procrastinated that much in the past few weeks. I've seriously been busy. Spring break may be next week, but with the amount of work I have, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do any relaxing. Well, some has to happen. What I meant though, was if I would be able to go on any outings other than my promised trip to see the Hunger Games (yes, it's a shame that I haven't been to see it yet, but like I said, I'm almost literally drowning in work). After all, AP exams are close (to Asian mothers at least) and of my four AP exams, I'm not expecting to be prepared for any if I don't whip through those waiting piles of study guides cluttering my bedroom floor. I'm taking AP Bio online, and I feel as though I've learned nothing because reading the textbook for it is just at the bottom of my school-related priorities and so long as my grade stays up, my mom doesn't pay too much attention to it. I haven't had AP Lang since last semester since my school operates on block schedule, so no I'm feeling as though writing even one essay will be beyond me, much less analyzing rhetorical strategies and persuasive techniques while fighting a time limit for three different essays. Though I'm taking AP World right now, our teachers just too much of a nice guy, so I don't have high hopes of finishing the material before exam date. That, of course, means much more extra studying for me. And finally the thought of the AP Calc exam just terrifies me. For one thing, it's on my birthday this year. Great. And then what really makes me nervous about these next few weeks is the fact that I'm taking Calc AB in school but I'm taking the BC exam because few universities particularly care about the AB exam. So there we have more studying lined up (insert forced exclamations of joy).

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