Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My my, mother dearest is going to have a heart attack when she checks my most recent grades on Pinnacle. Let's hope she's too busy until more are added to check. Not to say that my grades are bad or anything. Overall, they're still all A's and at a comfortable level. However, if one looks only at the most recent grades of each class, namely those added in the time span between last week and this week, there would be enough cause for me to fall over if I hadn't been the recipient of them. Now, to show what I mean, here are my latest grades in the subjects of...bio:80%, calc: 84%, hist: 90%, chem: 60%, french: 77%. Perhaps I've been just a tad bit overexcited about robotics these past few days. Ohh help me. Guess I really should be doing my calc homework right now. Or maybe my chem lab analysis. Or even my French booklet. And how about the biology that I'm a week late on? Goodness..

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