Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Way

So robotics is another one of those predominately boy clubs. And I've mentioned earlier that we're going to South Carolina this weekend for a competition there right? Well, of the girls, only me and a freshie friend can definitely go, and then her friend may be able to go. No problem so far right? Hah, that never lasts for long.

Today , I found out that my friend's mom might not let her go because all the adult chaperons are guys too and so we would have to have our own hotel room. We're staying at a Howard-Johnson, which apparently isn't too sketch but not exactly high class either, and now both our parents are worried about our safety. Of course that's not even near the depth of my problems.

So today my friend was sick enough that she was allowed to skip school. That means she had a really high fever. And since our trip is only two days off, what if she can't go? Then I would be the only girl going, which while totally fine with me, is definitely not okay at all with my mom. I was talking to her about it earlier in the afternoon, and the only compromise we could reach was that she would then accompany me there. But I really really don't need my mom tagging along. That would be humiliating enough by itself (sorry mom), but it would be especially so when I just so desperately want some time to talk to him.

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