Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Dude. I am speechless with awe at how extremely stupid and ignorant our AP Human teacher, Mr.Bagley can continue to be even in the face of death. It been the second time this week that peanut butter has been brought into our classroom. On Monday, one of my classmates with severe nut allergies-meaning she can die within 2 minutes of exposure to nuts, not even touching them or anything-had to leave class because a student had forgotten the other's allergy and began eating cashews. Luckily that time it was caught within seconds. Even so, the allergic student could not return to school until today and today in class her safety buddies smelled a nutty aroma and then saw her paling and start to tremble, which is when they immediately pushed her out of the class. I am told that she would have into apoplectic shock had she been exposed a few seconds longer. While she is recovering and in no danger of dying now, this is unacceptable. This teacher of ours seems not to be able to realize the magnitude of her allergy and continues to treat it as a nuisance while failing to check that no one is bringing nutty items into the classroom. Instead when he started yelling at us today, practically the only thing that came out of his mouth was concern for his new job, telling us that he was going to get fired if we kept these accidents up and that he did NOT want to be shipped of to fight in Afghan. I can understand not wanting to fight, but the class won't take him seriously if all he cares about is keeping his job. No, he needs to impress the fact that someone could seriously DIE from exposure. At this rate, I think the only person in the class who seriously doesn't understand is the teacher. Wow, good job Mr. Bagley. You say you'll "take care" of us? Well go on, don't hold back now, because I haven't seen any of it, either educationally or healthwise.

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