Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's such a rainy day outside today. The general mood of things has lowered quite a bit and while I usually like a soft drizzly landscape, today's weather is far it. The clouds seem harsh and endless with rain gushing down like it's trying to drown the world. I love drizzling rain that bathes our yard in a misty glow of sorts. Then when I look out the window it seems as though I'm looking into a fairybook with the perfect setting of spring flowers and mist. The ethereal landscape seems to be so alive and peaceful but also with the perfect hint of mystery. Now though, there is nothing peaceful about black clouds and entire sheets of rain. This rain speaks only of despair, misery, and depression. This is the kind of day that people long for nothing other than to be able to huddle in bed all day, thinking thoughts of nothing and nothing.

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