Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Drama Unveiled!

About this time last year I posted about the manga Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e). Well, this time I'm here to spread word that SM Entertainment is set on producing a drama version of it this summer! For those unfamiliar with the name, SM is a Korean company with the popular boy groups SHINee and Super Junior among others. As representatives from the company revealed “The Korean version will have a total of 16 episodes that draw out stories of hopes and dreams. It’s a teenage comedy with a cute, but strong storyline and a slew of handsome cast members. We’re planning to begin airing it this summer.” Previously there have been Japanese and Taiwanese adaptations of the manga, but I'm hoping that this will be the best one yet as I'm looking forward to seeing my favorite boys cast inside. Not that I can really judge though, as I haven't had the fortune to view the two other versions. However, this one I definitely will not miss! Does anyone else know what they're going to be doing this summer? ;) Because I surely do.

Future notices may be posted as the cast is publicized. However, it depends on my schedule because now is also the time of year for the dreaded AP Exams -.-"

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