Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Across the Lethe River and in Charon's boat, my soul lingers longingly, glancing at the scenery of the afterlife. Oh! There are the sweet, lush fields of Elysian fields. An island paradise surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. Orchards in abundance and hums of joy drifting on the cool breezes. Farther away are the Asphodel Fields, endless in its nothingless. Densely packed full of mournful souls, crying out for an ending to the monotony of an endless existence. Then just a speck of dust in the corner of my eye, Tartarus breathes and shudders, a horror which exists only to terrorize the existence of others.

I've been so excited this entire week because our dance recital was this week and it actually went fairly successfully this time. Our class had on this gentle, spring green skirts with poofy white shirts, a tight corset, flowers in our hair, and some ribbons on the puffed sleeves. It was beautiful. Naturally I was dying to get to the photo shoot by Keiko Guest Photography at the studio as this was the first year that my parents have agreed to it. With my beautiful satin pointe shoes on, makeup carefully primmed by mom, and costume painstakingly smoothed, I set into the shooting room with a racing heart, big smile, and sky high expectations. Apparently my expectations were just too high to be realistic at all for me and I had overexcited myself for the event. The resulting photos weren't exactly awful, but I don't dare post them as my profile picture either. All in all, my poor inflated dreams were crushed by my own lack of skill and poise. Guess I'll be waiting until next year now..when I'll be able to enter the room again with renewed confidence and thoughts of improving since this year. Maybe I will improve, but I'll also most certainly never achieve the sparkly, pristine visions that just swirl through my head.

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