Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Halloween..

Today was definitely how I had intended to spend m Halloween. Sure, it was a nice enough day this morning, though it was freezing when i got up and I thought I would fall down from sleep deprivation. I had a nice nap on the bus ride though and we all got huge muffins from our amazing bus driver. I'll be so sad to see her go. She's planning on retiring during the winter holidays, but I really hope she'll change her mind! She's such a nice person.

But that's not anything like how the rest of my day went. I had just been reading this amazing fanfic of Harry Potter. To be truthful a friend had recommended it, it's the first one I've ever read, and it is utterly and unbelievably amazing. After reading less than half of it, I have already changed my opinions about some of the characters of the original series. Believe it or not, but the thought of reading this rewrite is so much more thrilling to me. It's perfect. In fact, here's the link to chapter one _Kingdom. It may seem confusing and a little slow through the first few chapters, but trust me, it is just the greatest thing I have read in a long while. Be careful though, it has a M rating, so things may get messy later in the series. Do check it out though. Just breathtaking.

But of course I am now once again off topic. Anyways, in the author's imagination, harry one day is poisoned with a potion, i can't spell it at the moment, which causes everything that possibly can go wrong in his day to go wrong. And basically I've written all of this so far so that I can say that I feel like my day has been exactly the same today. Rawr. Awful. I was so grouchy and touchy throughout the day, I made so many snide comments, or at least thought them in my head. I felt really guilty afterwards too even if I hadn't actually said anything. The guilt obviously didn't stop me from wanting to go sneer at this red-eyed, sniffling girl during dance team today though. And I especially wanted to use some polite sassing to make the teacher aware that she was either going to work with me or I was never going back to attend another of her useless meetings again. But I swallowed my unusual anger in each instance and tried to hold my tongue. i still was rather mean to three people today though. One being Jay (again? ugh..I don't know if I feel sorry for him or not. I mean, everyone's mean to him so I try and be nice but just about everything he does, from his "simpering puppy look" to his "i told you so" face, make me want to show my distaste. God. I do feel sorry for him sometimes though. But only sometimes.), the other Austin (he deserved it, and everyone thought it was funny, so it was alright, right? No..), and then my mom (who obviously did nothing to deserve it; I apologized thoroughly though, so she's okay now). I could go on for pages describing every exact action today that was just plain horrendous, not to mention my 80 on the Econ test, but it's 12:24 AM already and I still have yet to study for my physics and American Government test. And I was hoping to be able to read some more of the "Prince of the Dark Kingdom" tonight. Oh well, what was I expecting anyways with all this bad luck today? Someone wish me luck for my honor Orchestra seating audition tomorrow afternoon. I only had time to practice the excerpt for half an hour earlier this evening after I finished my dance class and dinner and had taken my online biology classes module four test.

Halloween...maybe the evil spirits really are out tonight. But don't worry everyone, it's only me that they're haunting. And they've been ever so preoccupied with their task ever since the crack o'dawn today..

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