Sunday, October 2, 2011


What exactly am I doing? I'm so fused as to what my purpose in life even is..

But on a side note, I'm really angry at my partner in my organization. She's a senior and I'm a sophomore and it's just the two of us running the whole thing so I understand hat we need a little help. What I don't understand however is why she doesn't get it when I tell her that no, I do not want to hire someone who is a JUNIOR. I mean, the junior would be doing her college applications a year before me, and my partner will be doing hers this year. That means that colleges will have already seen my organization's name on two applications before mine and so it'll fail to impress them as much. This doesn't affect my partner at all since she's the one applying this year, but I've worked so hard on this organization and I do not want all of my efforts to be wasted just because the idea has become too common. And why exactly won't she listen to me? We started this together, so it doesn't matter if she's two grades above me, she should listen to my opinion about hiring people too. And it's not like if we don't hire her friend we won't have other applicants. I've already gotten a few freshmen interested; it's just that I haven't had time to really go over the details with them yet. And I have my eye on some eighth graders who can join next year as well. I mean, I have nothing personally against this junior, but if her entrance is going to hurt my future, then we all know what comes first. Really.

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