Friday, October 21, 2011


It really does feel like a dream today. After missing my middle school friends for ever so long, we (well most of us anyways) went to the park today for some Ultimate Frisbee. Needless to say, this didn't go on for the entire four hours, so we played some badminton and other random stuff afterwards, as well as talking about nothing in particular.

At about 6 everyone except for Brian, Daniel, and I left. This was perfectly fine with me ;). But what was not okay was how cold it was getting. I mean, how stupid was it of me to forget my nice, fluffy, warm jacket in the car? It had been cold in the hours previous but since the sun had still been out and we were running around, it was really that bad. But then while we were talking and stuff I kinda half froze.

But then Brian and Daniel decided that everyone else had left already, we should walk over to Fuller's Park for I'm not really too sure about his exact motives. So there we decided to toss around the frisbee a little more, and then stopped when I missed a throw. I was actually pretty surprised that I could catch at all considering my fingers were frozen STIFF and well, they still are now; so it's really hard and kinda irritating for me to type right now. Anyways, we ended up deciding that they would take me home first and then walk back buy some food. I assured them that while there was no available real food at my house, there was plenty of junk food that they would love. So we walked over from the park to my house, and on the way Brian kept offering to give me his sweater since he noticed that I was freezing. He told me that he had four layers on and so it as really fine and Daniel also supported that. But I kept refusing until we were practically two turns away from my house, when Brian stopped, took off his sweater, and gave it to me. It was so nice to wear his sweater jacket. It was so nice and warm and comfy and I was so so happy. Putting it on in front of them was awkward though, I'm so self-conscious about such weird things..

So outside of my house it was pretty awkward taking the jacket off and giving it back too. Then I pressured them into waiting while I grabbed some food for them. In the end I gave them a bag of Garden Salsa Sunchips and French Onion Sunchips, two Chocolate Biscottis, and two pouches of Strawberry Kiwi CapriSun. They tried to refuse it, but I made them take it, telling them that it was to compensate for having them walk me home and the fact that it was already dark and they would have to make their way back to the park and then through the forest on their way to the football game at their school. Before they left we bantered a bit about them getting lost on their way back to the park. At least I think we were joking. I really hope we were joking.

So in a nutshell this was my afternoon after school. All of my friends were at the park before me since they had web day. Lucky. But I feel really fortunate to have been able to meet up with my friends, to have even been invited to the event. That we were all able to talk like we used to just filled my heart. And then having Brian and Daniel walk me home and having Brian give me his sweater? That just about burst my heart. I was so happy today. It's been great. I hope we can rendezvous sometime soon, being with my friends just always makes about ten times as happy as any other day. There really are some bright and shining spots in this dreary darkness we call life. <3~

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