Sunday, November 27, 2011

Master Procrastinator


Is it really already the end of Thanksgiving break already?

This year seems so different from last year. Last year we had September break. Last year it felt like every other week was a day or week off. This year though? Nothing like it.

But I suppose I still could have made use of this break to get ahead in AP Bio, perfect my lit research essay and math project, practice my All-State songs for violin, work on my upcoming Nutcracker performance, etc.. Ugh. Just thinking of all that stuff I didn't do gives me a headache. But now here's a list of the stuff I did happen to do: play cards with family until 3 in the morning for a few days, go to a few dinner parties that dragged until 2 in the morning, watch my favorite new drama until 6 in the morning, sleep in until 12 and then proceed to eat eat and eat, um, let's see, run around throwing a Frisbee with my brother until who knows when, eat all the mint chocolate chip ice cream in the house.. Haha, I feel so bad but I can't stop watching these dramas. Just when I finally wean myself off I decide that there's something I really really NEED to watch. And then instead of pacing myself and watching one episode a day or something, I power through and finish the entire thing in a weekend. And some of these dramas are long!!

But that's beside the point. What I really need to concentrate on right now is my math project, due before midnight tonight, and my lit essay, worth 300 points in a category 35% of my grade and due before school starts. If anyone's wondering, we're supposed to submit both assignments online so that's why the due times seem a bit strange and unreliable.

Well ta-ta, I suppose I should go and work on said assignments now before I go and ruin my GPA by watching too many dramas. And I'm not even done with the one I'm watching right hand is just twitching to go back to Dramafever..

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