Friday, December 2, 2011


And so once more it is that time of year. The time when the Georgia Ballet puts on their annual performances of The Nutcracker, including dancers both student and professional.

This year I was cast as Sugar Plum Attendant, Chinese Tea Ribbon Girl, and Arabian Attendant, in that order. Since i'm way too tired to stay up much longer, I'll just simply state that each of my quick changes between scenes involved running from one side of backstage to the other and were all done in 2 to 3 minutes. Haha, when changing to Tea, I was literaly running across backstage and my teacher was running right behind me, undoing the hooks on my costume, so I was pretty much naked and running..

Yeah, that's pretty much all I wanted to say right now. So.. Goodnight everyone, and wish me luck for my next three performances!!

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