Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Feet TWO

So I went to Merchant's Walk Cinema on Monday with some friends and truthfully, I was hoping we'd be seeing something a bit more..exciting..than Happy Feet's sequel. But I do have to say that the movie wasn't too bad and was pretty uplifting too. All the singing and dancing was really cute and I loved the animations. So maybe it was a pretty nice movie. A lot better than my expectations at least. If you guys need something to do this week, then going out to see Happy Feet Two wouldn't be such a bad idea. It's a kid's movie, but a cute kid's movie at that.

What I'm really waiting for though, is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this winter. And then new Tim Burton remake of Snow White in March. It has Kristen Stewart in it, but I'm not overly worried about her since Tim Burton is directing it. I mean, have you seen Alice in Wonderland? I'm getting ready for a real wow. Besides, maybe Kristen Stewart has it in her to be something other than a clingy, sob-story vampire girl. Maybe she'll wow me too.

And then sometime in May, it's time for THE HUNGER GAMES!!! Yup. There's really nothing else to be said about it.

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