Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh My.

Just found a really little teeny tiny baby rabbit in our backyard. My dad somehow managed to catch it with a butterfly net, and right now it's sitting in a box with carrots and leaves stuck in with it. I really really want to let it out, the poor thing is in shock. But rabbits have been plaguing my mom's vegetable garden for years and so my mom doesn't want to let it go and eat her plants. My dad doesn't care, and so he's totally fine with leaving it in shock. I'm so so so afraid it's going to die. I can just imagine it's little heart beating and beating with ever increasing speed, I mean, if I were that little rabbit, I'd have died of fright already. But now the question is what to do with it. My dad said to keep it as a pet, but I'm afraid it'll die since it's not moving, and I don't think it'll eat if it's really in shock. I'm trying all I can to let it go, but what can I do???

My poor little Timothy DX

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