Saturday, June 12, 2010

Frisbee, Whipped Cream, and Water Balloons

Long story short, that's exactly what Gretchen's party today was. Exactly that. It was a really fun 4 and a half hours of my life, and though it caused my mom to excessively yell at me for having a whipped cream scent and not giving her clear directions, being able to see my friends was clearly worth it. Especially Brain...especially Brian. A few highlights that were really unbearably funny? Well, for one, there was when, after our whipped cream war, we were washing off with water balloons and a hose, Brian and Jeffrey whipped off their shirts because they didn't like being wet. Lol. But anyways, Brian seriously DID NOT LIKE being stared at half naked. Hahahaha. He's so funny. I swear though, that kid can only get cuter and cuter. Oh yeah, and before I forget, I really need to proclaim this to the world: "Jeffrey has ABS!!!". Yep. Well. That's it then ^-^

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