Friday, June 18, 2010

Karate Kid

Just got back from seeing Karate Kid!!! I totally did not know that it came out last Friday, 06.11.10, I thought it came out long long lame, right? I loved it though. Every single last bit of it. Jaden Smith is soo cute X3 And Jackie Chan is still cool as ever, even in his old age. I felt it was such an emotional movie, and the plot is amazing! I loved loved loved LOVED it. I am also really glad that I chose Karate Kid over seeing Prince of Persia and Toy Story 3 (which happened to come out today). I'm sure those are also very good movies, but Karate Kid just really touched my heart, and all the fighting in the movie can really not be described by anything other than just pure exhilarating and awesome! My only regret is that I did not have drink, but the only a minor thought, I'm completely and wholly satisfied by the movie, despite the fact that I forgot my camera and so thus could not take a picture of the humongo poster. I'd have to say though, I loved that little Cheng kid, too. He had such a cute little face and I loved his eyes. I think he's a really good actor to be able to have such determination and fury running across his face and even lingering deep in his eyes. I also just had to love his lilting accented Chinese, it was just too cute! X3 And all his evil actions and such? well, I blame all that upon his teacher, tsk, for the man to have misled such an adorable child, he deserves my revenge. I really MUST buy the DVD if and when it comes out...

But before all that happened, my day actually started with a failed fishing trip. Early this morning, I slept (finally) at 2 AM then got up at 7 (in preparation for the fishing trip of course), woke my dad 53 minutes later, and left the house at 8:30, finally arriving at 8:51. Anyways, skip all the other stuff and we arrive to where there's am ant crawling on my leg and I can't get it off, so I get frantic and start shaking my leg and hopping. Of course, I was standing on the banks of the Chattahoochee, and was too close to the water, so there was algae growing underfoot. So I slipped and fell in, but hey, at least the ant was gone!Soon after, right as we were leaving since we concluded the fish just wouldn't bite today, I started having a nose bleed. Just a thin trickle really. But then as we were heading toward the bathroom to get paper towels, blood started gushing out. So when we finally got back home and I had to start preparing for ballet, I was lightheaded, sleepy, and in throbbing pain. Not such a great morning.

Then at ballet nothing much happened, except I had decided yesterday to stop accidentally giving Austen the cold shoulder, cause I don't really mean to, but it always ends up seeming as if I do. Take yesterday's incident for example... Anyways, so today, right before modern stared, he was "flirting" with the C class girls (one level under us, I'm in the B class), when he walked by me, I looked at him (he's really quite handsome, and no, don't just go around assuming the world is "gay"), and then suddenly he stopped in front of me and Vanessa. We stared at each other for a while, then he cracked a smile (OMG, it was almost a shy little smile, I think it was kinda sorta maybe cute) and waved to me. So swallowing my instinct to turn my head and look at the wall or ground (that's what I did unintentionally yesterday...), I instead gave a little faint-hearted wave and attempted a small smile. Apparently this was enough to encourage him. He left to chat with Matthew for a second, then say bye to the C's, and then on his way back to the opening, he passed by me and Vanessa again and put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I'll see you later", with a smile again, and left. At this point Vanessa told me that Alexandria had given a certain wide-eyed very peculiar look. I'm feeling slightly scared at this point... But this scenario might be hard to imagine, so I'll describe the positions. Matt was taking out the trash from the teachers bathroom beside the waterfontain. Vanessa and I were farther back in the building, next to an opening in the wall. She was leaning against the wall, I was facing here talking. Alexandria was across the opening from us, on the left side if you're walking in from the direction of the office. And, the C's were sitting farther down the hallway we occupied, to the left of me, and the right of Vanessa and Alexandria. So now that that's all cleared up... WHAT SHOULD I DO??? HAHAHA Haha, ha ha ha...ha...h....aaah (voice trails off completely at this point)

Good day to you too...

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