Sunday, December 4, 2011

That Time Already?

I already talked about my performance in the Nutcracker in my last post, but now I'm just a bit too worried about my back to back performances tomorrow morning to go without releasing all this negative energy anywhere. Well then. Now that all of this is good and done, I suppose I need to go back and do my homework now don't I.. Really, now this is just purely bad time management on my part. It may be a stressful time for me, but that doesn't just mean I can go and let myself relax, rewarding myself before I've even finished the tasks. Hmph. I really need a tighter grip on my own life. I've spent too much time recently on dramas, reading, drawing, sketching, and really, just procrastinating. Come to think of it, what was originally just going to be a two line post has already morphed into this block of text. I better leave before I type up a whole book..

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