Thursday, January 3, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth

It turns out that getting wisdom teeth removed really isn't something to stress over.  Barely thirty minutes and poof! my three were out.  It would have been a much more interesting experience if they had simply numbed my mouth without putting me to sleep though.  Not to mention much cheaper.  But then again, I probably would have fainted from shock or something if I realized that there was the slightest chance that I would feel any pain.  I'm just a scaredy cat like.

My trip yesterday was a novel experience though.  After all, it was my first surgery that I can remember.  The funny thing was, I was so anxious that the medication wouldn't work on me-my brother's completely immune-that I almost fell into a natural sleep during the laughing gas phase.  Before they even stuck the IV in! Which, by the way, didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought either.  There was a slight pinch, and it was a long pinch since it stayed in my arm, but the laughing gas simply wrapped me in a haze.  As always. 

Or perhaps it was because I was on my way to sleeping? I only realized, rather belatedly, that I wasn't supposed to be out of it yet when all the nurses and doctors started asking me questions.  Hah.

When I did come back to my senses, it was nothing as jarring as my mother had warned either.  While it wasn't totally strange though, it certainly wasn't normal.  Well, I take my words back.  After thinking on it, it was actually how I usually feel when I wake up.  On a good day.  Unless all my good mornings are simply weird?  That's definitely something to ponder.

Currently, I've been laying around in bed all day.  I felt fine yesterday after the surgery, but perhaps not being able to eat real food since 11 on New Year's night has started affecting me.  I've had pretty much minimal amounts of water and only a teensy bit of swallowable food, like egg soup and a soupy lotus root mixture.  Or maybe I'm slightly dizzy from the medication.  Or even just from staring at my laptop for so long? Then there's also the possibility that it from getting so little sleep recently...

Ahhh, school starting so soon.  What's with the school board? They must understand that we need breaks to recuperate from work.  And the breaks aren't going to achieve that purpose if teachers are insisting on assigning us work over them. Though in all fairness I only have the one history paper that needs to be written.  And that I could have had a good start on if only I had worked harder on it over the last semester.  But at that time I was busy studying for the PSAT and SAT II and whatnot...  Ugh, excuses again.  I still should have focused on it.  School should come first.

Except right now, I'm having a hard time deciding.  Because I also have so so many summer program/internship applications to fill out that I completely confused.  Oh, all those application essays wouldn't be so bad either if only there weren't so many teacher recommendation letters to accompany each of them.  I'll be having the same teachers for the next year and a half! And we aren't even pleading for college recommendation letters yet! I don't need them to hate me now.

Ouch.  My mouth is hurting whenever I close it.  Or open it too widely.  Well actually, it throbs even if I do nothing.  Crazy.

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