Sunday, September 4, 2011


I can't believe it's closing in 10 days. I mean, Borders has played a huge and really important role in my childhood. I used to just sit there and read throughout elementary summers. Then my friends and I would meet there during middle school. And last year my friend's and I spent large quantities of time in the cafe eating cakes. Borders has seriously been there my entire life. Why is it going bankrupt now? God. I'm almost mad at them for going bankrupt now. Couldn't they have just had some better insight and foreseen the electric trend of the market and made an ebook reader sooner? Look at Barnes and Nobles, they created the Nook and Nook Color and now they're doing fine economically. But I'm mad at Barnes and Nobles, too. And everyone who doesn't regularly buy books anymore. And myself. For always mooching off Borders and just sitting there reading without buying anything. I'm such an awful person. So I guess I'm just mad at everything now. And you know what the sad part is? i don't even have time to really be mad, I'm too busy doing school work, and clubwork, and practicing violin, and dancing, and hurrying towards my death..*keeps on listing*...

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