Sunday, August 28, 2011

God Dammit

Wow. So I just spent about two hours cruising around the website for Georgia Virtual Academy looking for the Student Orientation Course so I could hurry up and see the course syllabus. But of course no..I just found out that even though I paid for it yesterday, it only just processed this afternoon and so I can't even take the orientation thing until tomorrow afternoon. And by that time it really might be too late to join the current session, which is sixteen weeks long and starts tomorrow. Instead, I might be force to take the fourteen week long one, which may not seem to be much of a time difference but would make my life immensely harder s right now everything I have to do is balanced just perfectly. If I have to spend more time studying biology of all things, I might just flipping break down like everyone around me seems to expect. Arghh D=<

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