Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Only 7 days until my SCA starts, 2 days until I leave for NY, and 1 day until both my mom and brother's birthdays. Wow. I haven't been this busy during the summer since last year. Haha, this year's definitely a different kind of busy though, I need to pack for SCA but I won't now how until I start packing for NY and vice versa. I need to "train" for SCA and hike around and stuff. I need to get my mom and brother gifts but really have no way to buy them secretly and I'm far too busy to just make them. I need to make up for not being able to practice violin in China and keep practicing my Chinese instruments. I need to shape up for ballet but am unable to force myself into semi-severe pain. And that's not the half of it either, there so much I need to do right now but can't bring myself to actually do. Turns out a lot of things in my life are just part of a huge countdown. The days until I start school, take the PSAT, take the SAT, etc.. Looks like my fingers won't be enough to count on though, would anyone like to lend me theirs?

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